Interview with Nitro Game Injection

I’m doing an interview with Kyle Crouse and Larry Oji from the Nitro Game Injection podcast.

I’m doing an interview with Kyle Crouse and Larry Oji from the Nitro Game Injection podcast. I’m very excited because I’ve had a huge man crush on Larry since I met him last year at World’s Fair Use Day. The interview will be broadcast live at Arecibo Radio. After the interview I’ll update this post with a link to the archived version. The interview will be at 2:00 Pacific time tomorrow (Sunday).

Edit: The interview was a lot of fun. You can listen to the entire show here. My interview starts 27 minutes in and lasts for about an hour and 40 minutes. Also right before the interview starts you can hear me say “shut up” to Iggy. 🙂

Jay Pavlina Interview – Fist Full of Potions

Jay was interviewed by Fist Full of Potions, and it’s a real fucktasm! (That’s a good thing) Enjoy!

0:00-0:47 Introduction

0:48-1:52 Jay proves once and for all that he is not Christopher Walken.

1:53-2:10 The Super-Secret Pants-Off Dance-Off is planned, unbeknownst to all involved parties.

2:11-3:18 Jay explains how he became so cool.

3:18-3:59 Jay talks about how you could someday be as cool as he is.

4:00-5:02 Jay adds a new word to the English language.

5:03- 8:43 Jay reviews the skin update for 2.0, and discusses the versatility of the skins.

8:44-11:22 How far SMBC has come, how it’s changed Jay’s life, and his original plans for the game.

11:23-12:15 Jay mentions a movie he hopes to make.

12:16-12:59 Will SMBC ever be truly finished?


13:13-13:39 Jay explains how he intends to budget his time between projects.

13:40-15:59 Why ER has not publicly released films yet, and balancing working on games and other projects at the same time. Site chat is also mentioned!

16:00-16:26 Jay discusses his ideal studio environment.

16:27-18:24 The future of Exploding Rabbit, with more details on the studio and Jay’s ambitions.

18:25-21:24 Keeping abreast of the latest advances in technology, bending it to work in Jay’s favor, and possible platform porting.

21:25-22:09 Jay explains why the game is limited to the web currently, and expresses interest in working on an RPG.

22:10-22:42 The glorious future of ER is once more alluded to.

22:43-24:22 Why Jay would rather stick to flash programming than make stages for Little Big Planet 2.

24:23-25:16 Plans for rewriting the level editor, and what it will be like.

25:17-25:31 Your ER quote of the day. The perfect garnish for your signature!

25:31-26:13 Jay waxes fanboy on some badass features of L.A. Noire.

26:14-26:48 How said features influence Jay’s future development.

26:49-27:01 The nature of challenges.

27:02-27:44-Weighing stress and productivity, and enjoying life.

27:45-29:00 Jay talks about the production of Hero Guy, and the lessons it taught him, most notably the philosophy behind Downward Thrust.

29:01-30:15 Jay discusses a collaboration with a mysteeeeerious stranger from the internet, and why he doesn’t generally collaborate.

30:16-31:00 Why Jay hasn’t accepted hiring offers from gaming companies.

31:01-32:12 Jay fantasizes about a congratulatory message from Shigeru Miyamoto and Sunsoft.

32:13-32:39 Jay and Jason unveil a hypothetical conspiracy.

32:40-33:18 Wrapping up, Jay discusses the scope of his plans.

33:19-34:02 Ryuza appreciation station! 😀


35:01-36:00 Closing remarks, Jay thwarts an attempt at comedy. ARE YOU READY FOR MAXIMUM DOWNWARD THRUST?

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