Exploding Rabbit Podcast #5 – Unity ECS and Data Oriented Design

Jay and Matt take a deep dive into Unity’s upcoming ECS and why its data oriented design is important.

You can listen on iTunes,  Google Play,  Stitcher, or at the podcast’s website.


  • 2:06 – Personal experiences with mice and bats in the home
  • 8:31 – Discord server
  • 13:02 – Optimized code vs easy to use code
  • 20:06 – Reactive vs Pure ECS
  • 25:45 – Benefits of data oriented design and caching
  • 32:13 – Unity job system
  • 37:14 – C# managed memory and blittable types
  • 42:54 – limitations you must follow when using Unity ECS and job system
  • 50:51 – Jay’s tips for Unity ECS hybrid mode
  • 55:51 – Matt’s thoughts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 1:04:22 – Jay’s thoughts on Marvel’s Spider-Man
  • 1:13:47 – Matt recommends playing Total Chaos


One thought on “Exploding Rabbit Podcast #5 – Unity ECS and Data Oriented Design”

  1. Hello!

    My name is Lawrence C Stagg III and I backed Super RETRO Squad (Now Glitch Strikers I believe) and my Kickstarter is “Sei” and my backer number is 1,462. I pledged 1,000 July 14th, 2012. I’m mostly trying to see if there have been any updates or progress or if the project was abandoned. I’v been keeping up here and there over the years, and now with it being almost a decade…. I do understand that you have had a lot happen, and have been moveing forwards on some regards, but your website (https://explodingrabbit.com) doesn’t seem to talk much about the project and I was wondering if there was some website I missed or somewhere you post about the game project if you do.

    Again, I am not trying to shame you or anything, I’m actually still interested and super hopeful you do finally get your dream game out, I just wish to keep up with it. Anyway, I do hope you have a good day and I hope to hear some good news.

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