Frequently Asked Questions

Glitch Strikers

Is Glitch Strikers being actively developed?

No. We are making Hyper Manni Crossover as our first original game. Glitch Strikers will be the second.

Hyper Manni Crossover

How does Hyper Manni Crossover compare to Glitch Strikers?

Both games take place in the same universe, but they have substantially different gameplay.

In Hyper Manni Crossover, you choose your character at the beginning of the level, and play as them for the whole level. This allows all characters to play through the same level with minor modifications to level layouts. There is no traveling between different game worlds. The entire game takes place in Hyper Manni Pals, the game Manni is from.

In Glitch Strikers, you can change your character at any time, and the level designs account for that. You also travel to different game worlds, and Hyper Manni Pals is one of them.  Glitches are unique mechanic of the game and affect gameplay.

What is Hyper Manni Crossover?

You can think of Hyper Manni Crossover as an original version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. It will feature the same gameplay, but you will play as characters from Glitch Strikers, and there will be new levels, bosses, enemies, and mechanics. The level designs will be based around Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2 (USA), so there will also be vertical levels and simple mechanics like key doors. There will also be completely new mechanics.

What is Hyper Manni Pals?

The Glitch Strikers universe is broken up into games, and it is possible to travel between them. You can think of the game worlds as planets, but they are more like self-contained universes. Hyper Manni Pals is one of those games, and it is the game Manni is from. All of Hyper Manni Crossover takes place within this game world.

Who is Manni?

Manni is the main character of Hyper Manni Pals, a game that exists in the Glitch Strikers universe. Manni is inspired by Mario, from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros., but has his own unique identity and moveset.

Why are you making Hyper Manni Crossover before Glitch Strikers?

For our first game, it is best to keep it is simple and small as possible. Because Hyper Manni Pals features the same gameplay as Super Mario Bros. Crossover, there is much less work to be done. The majority of the work will just be designing new levels, enemies, and platforming mechanics. It also gives us a chance to establish workflows and get experience making a game together on something small. If you didn’t know, SMBC is made by one person, but HMP is not, so some changes need to be made to the workflow to account for that.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

What new features will be in version 4.0?

Some new features we get automatically are widescreen support, gamepad support, an unlocked frame rate, and a higher rendering resolution.

For gameplay, the only feature I have added so far is multiple versions of the same character, which we can refer to as subcharacters. For example, when you choose Link, you will be able to choose the zelda 1 or Zelda 2 version. I may do SMB3 Mario as well. Also, when I rewrote things, I made everything more flexible. For example, the skinning system is much more powerful now, although nothing is taking advantage of it yet. For a more in-depth discussion of what the new codebase means, listen to the first 30 minutes of episode 4 of the podcast.

Keep in mind that my top priority is implementing the features of the flash version, so I am not very focused on new features right now. I am curious to know what the most requested features are so I can do them later though, so please post what you want in #smbc-feature-requests.

Why did you resume development?

I needed to develop a platforming engine for Glitch Strikers, an original game I’m working on, so what better way to do it than to remake Super Mario Bros. Crossover? I plan on using the code I write for this game on many projects, and all of the data for the game is already done, so it seemed like a sensible thing to do. There is very little work this project requires that I wouldn’t have had to already do for Glitch Strikers.

SMBC is also the only project I can work on that doesn’t require anyone else’s help since it doesn’t need any extra art, sound, or music. Releasing updates for it helps to rebuild trust in Exploding Rabbit and keep the community engaged. It may also help to bring additional patrons to Exploding Rabbit. There are several great reasons for continuing to work on it.

Why did you stop development?

There were several reasons I stopped. Here are a few:

  • The code became a mess due to inexperience while working on it
  • Flash had been dying for a long time
  • It was written in ActionScript 3 which was also dying
  • Building the project became finicky and didn’t work sometimes
  • I was focused on making the Kickstarter game
  • I thought maybe Exploding Rabbit shouldn’t be making fan games because I was trying to make it a legit company
  • Stress and anxiety from the situation I was in made everything in life more difficult and contributed to poor decision-making
Will performance improve?

Yes. The game runs on a technology released last year called WebAssembly (wasm). Wasm support in browsers will continue to improve, and the biggest improvement will come in 2019 when multithreading support is added. Multithreading will allow several parts of the game, like Game Music Emu, to run on separate threads and not slow down the game loop. Another performance upgrade should come when Unity releases an incremental garbage collector. They are releasing an experimental version in 1st quarter of 2019.

I have also done zero performance optimization on the code because my first priority is just to make it work. Some changes, such as object pooling, will increase performance when destroying and instantiating objects.

Will the game be on more platforms? Can I download it?

Currently, the game is only planned as a web game. However, it is possible I may allow downloads in the future.

Will you add levels from games other than Super Mario Bros.?

I am interested in this idea, but it would be released as a separate game. A few years ago, I released a playable demo of Mega Man in Castlevania. The code for that game wasn’t flexible enough to be continued, but now that I have a solid architecture, I may do it again with more levels. It would share code and data with Super Mario Bros. Crossover, so all of the same characters would be playable. This is not a promise. I’m just saying it’s a possibility.