About Exploding Rabbit

Exploding Rabbit is a production company that was founded by Jay Pavlina on April 27, 2010, when he released Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Jay is the only member of Exploding Rabbit, but he collaborates with other people often.

Contact Info

If you’d like to contact Exploding Rabbit publicly, please tweet @ExplodingRabbit. If you’d like to contact Jay about something else, tweet @JayPavlina.

If you’d like to talk privately, I prefer we use Discord. I’m ExplodingJay#3157 on the Exploding Rabbit Discord. Please verify the ID at the end of the name to make sure it’s me.

If you still want to use email, send to contact@explodingrabbit.com. Please note that I do not check my email every day.