Jay Pavlina Interview – Fist Full of Potions

Jay was interviewed by Fist Full of Potions, and it’s a real fucktasm! (That’s a good thing) Enjoy!

0:00-0:47 Introduction

0:48-1:52 Jay proves once and for all that he is not Christopher Walken.

1:53-2:10 The Super-Secret Pants-Off Dance-Off is planned, unbeknownst to all involved parties.

2:11-3:18 Jay explains how he became so cool.

3:18-3:59 Jay talks about how you could someday be as cool as he is.

4:00-5:02 Jay adds a new word to the English language.

5:03- 8:43 Jay reviews the skin update for 2.0, and discusses the versatility of the skins.

8:44-11:22 How far SMBC has come, how it’s changed Jay’s life, and his original plans for the game.

11:23-12:15 Jay mentions a movie he hopes to make.

12:16-12:59 Will SMBC ever be truly finished?


13:13-13:39 Jay explains how he intends to budget his time between projects.

13:40-15:59 Why ER has not publicly released films yet, and balancing working on games and other projects at the same time. Site chat is also mentioned!

16:00-16:26 Jay discusses his ideal studio environment.

16:27-18:24 The future of Exploding Rabbit, with more details on the studio and Jay’s ambitions.

18:25-21:24 Keeping abreast of the latest advances in technology, bending it to work in Jay’s favor, and possible platform porting.

21:25-22:09 Jay explains why the game is limited to the web currently, and expresses interest in working on an RPG.

22:10-22:42 The glorious future of ER is once more alluded to.

22:43-24:22 Why Jay would rather stick to flash programming than make stages for Little Big Planet 2.

24:23-25:16 Plans for rewriting the level editor, and what it will be like.

25:17-25:31 Your ER quote of the day. The perfect garnish for your signature!

25:31-26:13 Jay waxes fanboy on some badass features of L.A. Noire.

26:14-26:48 How said features influence Jay’s future development.

26:49-27:01 The nature of challenges.

27:02-27:44-Weighing stress and productivity, and enjoying life.

27:45-29:00 Jay talks about the production of Hero Guy, and the lessons it taught him, most notably the philosophy behind Downward Thrust.

29:01-30:15 Jay discusses a collaboration with a mysteeeeerious stranger from the internet, and why he doesn’t generally collaborate.

30:16-31:00 Why Jay hasn’t accepted hiring offers from gaming companies.

31:01-32:12 Jay fantasizes about a congratulatory message from Shigeru Miyamoto and Sunsoft.

32:13-32:39 Jay and Jason unveil a hypothetical conspiracy.

32:40-33:18 Wrapping up, Jay discusses the scope of his plans.

33:19-34:02 Ryuza appreciation station! 😀


35:01-36:00 Closing remarks, Jay thwarts an attempt at comedy. ARE YOU READY FOR MAXIMUM DOWNWARD THRUST?

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