Mega Man X Analysis – Game Mechanics

I analyze the game mechanics of Mega Man X, one of my favorite Super Nintendo games.

Since I’m working on Super Action Squad, I’ve been looking at a lot of my favorite retro games, and I’ve been trying to understand what makes them so much fun. I thought other people might enjoy the research I’m doing, so I decided to turn it into a video series. The first game I’m doing is my favorite action game on the Super Nintendo, Mega Man X. The first topic is game mechanics, and I’ll be covering different parts of the game in future videos.

I really enjoyed making this video. The amount of time and work I put into this series will be based on how much interest there is. As I’m sure you know, I’m very busy with Super Retro Squad, but if people like this sort of thing as much as I enjoy doing it, I’ll find the time.