Attempted Love

A girl tries to read in the park, but some guy is stalking her. Completed March 2004.

Watch with audio commentary

This is the first short film I made in college. It’s silent and was shot on black and white 16mm film. It’s about a guy trying desperately to win a girl’s love.

Jay: Vampire Slayer

I have decided to release my old movies. The first one is Jay: Vampire Slayer, a movie about Jay fighting vampires. Perfect.

Watch with audio commentary

I finally decided to start releasing my old movies. We’ll kick it off with the classic, “Jay: Vampire Slayer.” I believe this was filmed in March of 1998, so you are seeing 14 years into the past. Crazy times.

Also, I decided to do audio commentary for every movie I release. That way you can learn a little bit more about what was going on when I made them. There won’t be any particular order I release the movies in. I’ll try and mix it up so that you don’t get a bunch of boring ones in a row.