Super Mario Bros. Crossover – Playing My Own Game #2

Jay continues to play Super Mario Bros Crossover with ridiculous commentary.

Here’s a new video where I once again act like an idiot while playing the game. And it’s really funny because my girlfriend called while I was recording it.

Also, check out this awesome box art made by Steve Napierski from Dueling Analogs.

SMBC Box Art


I really love this box art. However, there is one problem with it. It seems to be missing a character…

11 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Crossover – Playing My Own Game #2”

  1. There is a glitch in version 2.1 where whenever you
    step on a platform in the underwater level, you just slide
    by yourself!!XD

  2. lol, i have to say the game is awesome!!!

    by the way , maybe u’ll be famous in china gammer~~~~

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