Super Mario Bros. Crossover – Playing My Own Game #1

Jay takes a break from working on Super Mario Bros Crossover and plays through it with some crazy, intense commentary.

I was a bit stressed out from working on the game so much, so I decided to take a break and make a funny video. I act kind of crazy, so hopefully it doesn’t scare people. It’s just for fun.

And I’m not really that pissed off, I just exaggerate it for comedic effect. You can see that I break character while fighting Bowser, although I’m not sure there is much of a character to break; but that’s my favorite part of the video.

By the way, I really, really enjoy making videos, so I hope you guys like them. I’m gonna start making the videos a little bit more elaborate, but I’m not going to do so much that it slows down progress on the game. It’s nice because I can do a video to take a break from the game, and then work on the game to take a break from the videos, and I can take a break from both by working on the website.

Oh yeah, and the game should hit 12 million plays in a few hours. That is some f***ed up shit… but it’s pleasant smelling shit, and I will gladly take some more of that shit and smell it all day.

Thanks for all the support. I look forward to creating more stuff for you to enjoy.

243 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Crossover – Playing My Own Game #1”

  1. I thought the game was already freaking amazing, but this video has me pumped up so much i want to pee my pants. I love this site with all of my body (including my pee pee).

  2. Game is completely awesome … only change I’d like: double the time limit! None of the characters besides Mario can run so I can never finish some of the levels in time. That’s the only fix I wish you’d get in there ASAP. Best flash game I’ve ever played BTW, congrats.

  3. the game is epic, and so is Samus. the only thing i want is a slightly slower timer, and your fuckin’ funny dude

  4. The game is awesome!))
    I am interested will you make 2 players coop???
    Serjant and Saimon will tear this levels apart !)))

  5. buahahahaha omg that was awesome, when im done the first boss in my game im deffenetly got to make a video such as that, naw i wounr, ill try and find my own style. keep it up!

  6. Geeez Mr. Foul Language. Completely stunned me to hear you drop the F-Bomb! Funny shit though.

    1. @Mr R. June – Yeah I’ve changed quite a bit since high school. There are many reasons for the harsh language that I’ll get into later, but it’s mostly for comedic purposes. Cursing is still pretty new for me, so I’m kind of experimenting with it. As you know, I’ve always been a pretty uptight person, so I’m really enjoying letting loose after all these years. And people seem to like it. Good times.

  7. Well,after all,this game is awsome.I had played it 5 times.But,can you make an update?Like,a new character?Still,this game is awsome.Back to playing the game.Bye bye.

  8. Wow This game is very popular all over the internet. We all just waiting for new updates. I am very curious about the newest character in the game. My sister very like Mega Man and Link.

  9. I have to agree with Groover. More characters, more levels, more games!! Ahem, sorry I got a little carried away. Like I was saying, maybe you could add in power-ups from other games, like the leaf from SMB 3, or power-ups from other games that the characters are from. I know I would play every level of the game just to find out what those power-ups did to each character.


  10. I love every video ! Please make some new updates in game.. like new characters or tricks 😀

  11. hah crazy video but funny. Just wanted to drop by and say i love the game. Also, wanted to let you know i love link and hope you keep him the way he is (not getting large like mario). 1) it adds great variety 2) not having to duck is a major strength 3) zelda 2 sprite is sorta ugly, as much as i like the game. I love the way each of the characters plays totally different and even simon has his own strengths. So keep link the way he is!

    1. I agree with everything you say about Link. There is a way for me to please everyone though. I have some ideas I might put in the next update that address the issue.

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