WFUD 2011 Panel: Remix in the Gaming Community

This is a video panel of World’s Fair Use Day 2011 talking about how fair use relates to independent video game projects.

Here’s a video of the panel I was on for World’s Fair Use Day. Also on the panel with me are the moderator, Josephine Dorado from the New School, and David Lloyd and Larry Oji from OC ReMix. We talk about how fair use relates to our video game projects. Obviously, the project I talk about is Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

Overall I was pretty happy with how the panel went. You probably can’t tell, but I was really nervous. I had to concentrate really hard just to drink a glass of water because my hand was shaking. After I said some stupid things and made people laugh, I felt more comfortable. There’s one question I answer near the end about Chrono Ressurection, but for some reason I was thinking of Crimson Echoes, so my answer makes no sense. But my mind went blank while I was talking, so my answer wouldn’t have made sense anyway.

Also, Larry Oji is awesome. I hope I get to hang out with him again sometime.

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