First Fundraiser a Success

We raised all the money we needed for the new forums in only two days. Now I’ll be raising money for random things, and I’ll be starting on the next version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover really soon.

Amazingly, we raised all the money we needed for our Forums Upgrade Fundraiser in only two days. That’s a little bit crazy, but it’s awesome. I already purchased the new software and I’ve been looking over the documentation. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll transition over to the new system.

Also, since raising the money was so successful, I’m going to continue trying to take people’s money… uh, I mean… accepting donations. There’s no pressure or anything, and people usually donate anyway, but now you can see a nice graph of what your money is going towards. This first batch of donations will go towards a bunch of random stuff because I just moved and for some reason can still barely afford rent. But the next ones will probably be a new computer and a video camera. So now people will know what their money is going toward, and it looks cool because it’s a bar graph that gradually fills. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like a bar graph that fills up? It’s like a health bar in a video game, but it’s even better because when it fills up, I get money. I wish all health bars could give you money when they fill up.

Also, I’m just about ready to resume work on the next version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. I’ll probably start after we switch the forums over. Coolness.

Help Us Upgrade the Forums

We’re raising money to upgrade the Exploding Rabbit Forums to vBulletin.

Today we make history. It’s the first fundraiser for Exploding Rabbit! Personally, I hate fundraisers. But I realized that if I don’t start raising money the stuff I want to do will never happen. So this is the first one.

If you’ve stopped by the Exploding Rabbit Forums recently, you may notice that they’ve gotten pretty big. And they get more popular every day. This is all thanks to the amazing Exploding Rabbit Forums Team, which includes J Squared as the administrator, Ganymede as a global moderator, and the recent addition of kyoo as another global moderator. There are also some other people that moderate individual forums that are doing a fantastic job. And then of course there is me… but all I do is tell other people what to do, and I also write stupid crap every once in a while.

Yes, the forums are pretty awesome, and that’s because the people that post there are awesome. They’re a great bunch of people with a good sense of humor, and they’re also very intelligent and respectful. Such a wonderful community deserves the best forum software around, so I’d like to upgrade to vBulletin. This will give the forums many new features, but my favorite new feature is blogs. Yeah, everyone will get their own blog. That’s badass. Now I will finally have a place to write my nonsensical ramblings. And so will everyone else.

We’re accepting donations using a widget from ChipIn, and the money is processed through PayPal. It costs $285 to upgrade to vBulletin, but I set the target to $300 to offset any fees charged by Paypal. I set a deadline for 30 days, and I think we’ll meet it easily. If you use the Exploding Rabbit Forums, or you want to join an awesome community and start using them, consider offering a donation to help improve the experience for everyone.

Now let’s work together and make this shit happen! You can donate using the ChipIn widget in the sidebar. I made a post in the forums about this, so feel free to discuss it there.