First Fundraiser a Success

We raised all the money we needed for the new forums in only two days. Now I’ll be raising money for random things, and I’ll be starting on the next version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover really soon.

Amazingly, we raised all the money we needed for our Forums Upgrade Fundraiser in only two days. That’s a little bit crazy, but it’s awesome. I already purchased the new software and I’ve been looking over the documentation. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll transition over to the new system.

Also, since raising the money was so successful, I’m going to continue trying to take people’s money… uh, I mean… accepting donations. There’s no pressure or anything, and people usually donate anyway, but now you can see a nice graph of what your money is going towards. This first batch of donations will go towards a bunch of random stuff because I just moved and for some reason can still barely afford rent. But the next ones will probably be a new computer and a video camera. So now people will know what their money is going toward, and it looks cool because it’s a bar graph that gradually fills. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like a bar graph that fills up? It’s like a health bar in a video game, but it’s even better because when it fills up, I get money. I wish all health bars could give you money when they fill up.

Also, I’m just about ready to resume work on the next version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. I’ll probably start after we switch the forums over. Coolness.

2 thoughts on “First Fundraiser a Success”

  1. Oh, Comments enabled again. Cool.
    Thrilled to know it was a success, though I didn’t donate myself, not because I didn’t want to but because I couldn’t, I’m Egyptian and PayPal doesn’t work in Egypt :/
    Looking forward to next ver. of SMBC!

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