Super Mario Bros. Crossover Released

Super Mario Bros Crossover, the game I’ve been working on for a million years, is finally released.

Holy Shit! I am finally done with this game. I’ve been working on it forever. So far I have only uploaded it to one site, but it’s very popular. I uploaded it to Newgrounds only 6 hours ago, and it already has over 12,000 views and a 4.5/5 rating. And amazingly, it has two awards already: The Weekly User’s Choice and the Daily Feature. I could not be happier. In fact, I’m kind of freaking out because I’ve created so many things, but none of them has ever become popular. Perhaps this is a gateway to getting people to experience my work. I am very excited.

I have a lot of work to do now that people are coming to my website and also playing my game. I’ll start adding some of my previous projects to my website so that there is more to see here. If you are reading this and you like Super Mario Bros Crossover, then consider subscribing. If you like the game, there’s a very big chance you’ll like my other stuff too. I plan on doing a lot of things related to classic video games. In fact, I have a big new project set for this summer that relates to a video game. Consider Super Mario Bros Crossover a taste of things to come. Thank you for visiting my site, and if you haven’t played the game yet, check it out. 🙂

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  1. Its Awesome…
    it seems like i m playing in my own nitendo…
    great work..gud goin…
    (10+1)/10 [+1 for making it in Flash]


  2. You took me back to childhood, though those games have been classic.
    But you raise them to unparalleled heights.
    Brother, you are the best.
    Looking forward to more great games for your
    80 years on behalf of all the players salute you!

    [Sorry brother, I will not English, translation software, I hope you can understand my support]

  3. Actually, the final dungeon music was the level 9 Zelda 1 music, like in level 1-4.

    Maybe you did that kind of stuff with the other games, but my familiarity with Zelda makes me notice it more with Link.

  4. Oh, and about Link. I think it’s a little odd that you have the Zelda 2 dungeon music and down/up thrusts, but the Zelda 1 sprite.

  5. I heard about this via Angry Joe review, and this is awesomesauce! My favorites are Link, Bill, and Simon. Link is my alltime favorite Nintendo character, and has good moves in this game. Bill can blast everything up once he gets full power, and Simon has good moves too with the axe and whip.

    I haven’t played SMB in forever, and the different characters have different playstyles, so I have been screwing up a lot, but this is just an awesome little game.

    I’m not really as impressed with Megaman and Samus as I am with the others. Obviously Mario is there in case someone just wants to play straight up SMB. Full powered Bill seems kind of game breaking, but I guess yu could call him the noob character. Choose him, get the flower, and annihalate everything.

  6. i really think you should make this game downloadable. and if u have already somewhere, please e-mail me the website to do it.

  7. i have downloaded the file . but i don’t know how to play.the game opens in firefox , but the screen just shows the running mario with loading written on top.though i could find out how to play with a gamepad,but nowhere is it mentioned how is it played with a keyboard.utterly confused??
    can somebody guide?

  8. This game is so much like my childhood dreams, it’s almost scary. 10 out of 10 isn’t enough; I give it an 11 or 12!

    And it reminds me that the real golden age of video games was back in the 1980s, back when the player’s imagination was still important, back before everything got so darn complicated. Those 8-bit characters were more real to me than all the 3D hyper-realistic nonsense all over the place nowadays.

    What do you think about the extremely overdone turn that video games have taken in the last few years?

  9. Wicked coolness.

    Just curious about one or two things: what was the decision to go with Zelda 1 sprites all the way, as opposed to ‘shroom and beyond utilizing edited Zelda 2 ones (and for that matter, the physics thereof)? Taller Link could give the Boomerang and Sword a little more versatility, especially given that he feels quite disadvantaged compared to the rest of the cast?

    About the only other thing I would consider changing is the platform at the end of the level, to being one that goes up and down instead, and allowing you to “overshoot” the flagpole (and thus, risk a low-scoring jump from the other side because of that).

  10. Really a fantastic job on this game. I cannot give you enough compliments. It’s absolutely perfect. I love the 8-bit nostalgia. Again, awesome…I am in awe of your brilliance.

  11. I felt that warm and fuzzy feeling when I started to play this game, it’s awesome, it took me back to childhood as you have no idea. Just wanted to thank you for this, it’s such a simple concept executed in a superb way. 10/10

  12. Not particularly got time to go through it, but it was an enjoyable quick play.

    Very, very good work.

    I would honestly not be surprised if nintendo try to get this off you though, Its your work, but their characters…And it works well, i bet you’ll get a knock on your door.

    “Mr…Anderson..” 😉

    Awesome game. Best of luck in the future, you should set yourself up a indie games studio and make a team, make your own game! 🙂

  13. it’s the best game ever!!
    really, it’s a game made with love. now is one of my top 3.
    The characters of every game has the same movements and the same porcentage of damage that was in on his original games. that is awesome

  14. I just want to say that this game is amazing and I hope it leads to some sort of gig for you, or at the very least, that Nintendo doesn’t shut it down. Or they port it over for Wii Arcade or something. Amazing job!

  15. My curiosity about how you did this is overwhelming. I hope you follow through on the tutorial or at least do a short documentary of the process. I’m sure everyone would love the nitty gritty details but anything you could tell us would be wonderful.

    In particular, I’m fascinated in your personal discovery and learning process as an amateur programming autodidact with no background in video games. Every attempt to recreate the feel of these games by professional flash programmers has failed. Your attention to detail is exquisite. This really is fine art.

    It is probably a super long shot but you might think about contacting Nintendo to see if you can strike a licensing deal on this for apps. You could become wealthy over night if you could land that deal so it’s worth a phone call at least. The difference between your game and others is the superb quality which is on par with a Nintendo product, so you have that going for you. Worth a shot.

  16. I doubt you’ll get a C&D unless you sell the game itself directly, as in charge people to play it. Flash remakes of classic games are pretty popular and as far as I know they don’t tend to get shut down. Maybe throw some text up on the site and/or in the game – I don’t know the proper legalese, I’m sure you could copy it from another site or game or just about any media product these days really – but something along the lines of “Mario and all associated names and images are registered trademarks of Nintendo, this game has no affiliation with Nintendo”. You could probably email the admins or whatever at Newgrounds about it, they could tell you if there’s much of a risk of anything like that and what you could do about it.

  17. You are amazing!!! Thank you for this game. The music sure takes me back – never imagined I’d get to play something like this 🙂

  18. You know what? You create a labor of love and true art knowing the takedown hell that will ensue and only add a donation button *after* getting loads of requests from people asking to give you money? That’s just classy. I gave as much as I could, and will do as much as I can to help true visionaries like yourself do what you do. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

    1. @Jon – I love you. I wasn’t expecting any money, but holy hell it sure helps. I love everyone. I am so happy. 🙂

  19. Like everyone else is saying, this game rocks. I’ve posted it on every forum I can think of. Hope you continue to get the credit you deserve.

    I know you just finished, but maybe the next iteration should take place in the original Metroid landscape 😉

  20. the game was almost perfect, i left my reveiw on newgrounds mentioning a miner bug i found and hopefully (not big a deal) gets fixed. the flash game was very well done and very profetional, im looking forword to more from you and i have favorited this site just so i can keep an eye out 😀

  21. Just wanted to say awesome job. I was surprised how well the balancing worked out, especially considering that the levels were really designed for you to only be able to jump on enemies. Keep up the good work.

  22. Wow. Seriously, this little game of yours is a work of genius topped off with a massive dollop of nostalgia. Don’t know whether Nintendo will allow this to survive, but here’s hoping.

    The potential for future amazing offspring from this new gaming “genre” seems practically limitless….

  23. Awsome game it looks like its gone viral too ive seen it on every forum i visit good job man really good job

    I could see this spawning a new type of flash game there are so many possibilities zelda with all different characters castilvania and metroid are obvious even stuff like fire emblem.

  24. This is the best thing ever. Though I have to wonder, could this be made into a ROM? And if so, could it be expanded upon? Maybe more characters, different games to take place in, or other versions and abilities for the existing characters. I know this could get crazy, and also crazy difficult to actually pull off, but I am just going into old school gamer fan overload here.

    Let me just say again, this is coolest thing, ever.

  25. Awesome remake, I was very impressed with how accurate the level design was and how original the character movement felt. Did you code this from scratch, or was there an existing version of Mario in C that you ported to AS3, then added to? Very impressive either way, great job.

  26. All I can say is wow, this rocks. I made sure to download the flash file of the game in case it ever gets taken down by a cease and desist order from Nintendo (or Capcom, or whoever else pops up).

    I’m following on Twitter just to be sure I get announcements about anything else you put up.

  27. I must say, you did a remarkable job on this game. I get the original NES feel even with a keyboard. You did a phenomenal job at recreating all of the character’s controls. The music was great. I have found no glitches, the game was almost perfect. I hope to see more content like this from you. Again, great job on the game [:)]

    1. I’m glad you appreciate it. I spent a lot of time trying to give it the NES feel so it means a lot to me that people notice it.

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