Super Mario Bros. Crossover 4.0 Experimental Preview Released

A preview of Super Mario Crossover 4.0 is released for WebGL

Update: The port was canceled due to getting a demanding job.

I have good news! I still know how to make games and am not dead. Due to those two things (and also getting a lot of requests), I have been portingĀ Super Mario Bros. Crossover to WebGL. You can play a preview here.

If you would like to listen to an in-depth conversation about the new version, check out the latest episode of our podcast.

Poor Glitchy Mario

Please note that this is a very much not done game. It is so not done, that playing the game will make you sad because there are bugs everywhere and performance is not so good. The good news is work on it is going fast, and it will not be too long before it catches up to the flash version.

I have spent the last 5 years working on a general-use 2D platforming codebase and workflow that I could use on multiple projects. It took a while, but it’s finally ready to start using, and this is the first project I made with it. It’s built on top of Unity.

It will take much less time to add new content to the game due to the clean codebase and data-based asset workflow. This is a complete rewrite of the game. In fact, I may allow people to mod the game in the future by open-sourcing the data portion of the game. There is no promise or timeline on that, but it’s a goal I have in mind.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover will be updated until it reaches general feature parity with the Flash version, but please note that not every feature will be ported to the WebGL version. There will also be additional features and characters added.

13 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Crossover 4.0 Experimental Preview Released”

  1. Don’t use n word don’t you know making games is a very hard task
    A single mistake if . Can broke the whole game

  2. Tbh I just changed sprites and buffed all characters smbc3 is ez now but I am waiting for smbc4

  3. good news, atleast Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.02 still works, found it lying around some site and downloaded it

  4. you guys should do a crossover in the ninja gaiden or mario bros 2,3 worlds or even megaman stages

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