Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1.2 Released

Super Mario Bros. Crossover gets updated with the classic power-up system and disabling of skins and characters.

I have a Christmas present for you! I added some awesome new features to Super Mario Bros. Crossover. The classic power-up system from version 1.0 makes a triumphant return, and it now has customizable weapons. In addition to that, I also made it possible to disable skins and characters. Now you can remove characters and skins that you hate from the game! 😀 There are other changes too. Feel free to take a look at the version history to see them all.

So… why did I do this when I announced that the game was done? I figured since it’s Christmas break, it was okay for me to spend my time working on this game instead of Super Action Squad. I also didn’t want to have any regrets about this game, so I figured it was worth it to get it into a state that I was happy with before ending its development.

Also, I thought a bit more about if this is really the “final” version. I  decided that the game will no longer be actively developed, but I may still work on it from time to time as a hobby. I’m so much faster at programming now that in some cases, I can add significant new features with just a few days of work.

With that said, I personally view the game as done, so everyone else should look at it that way as well. If I add stuff, consider it a bonus. And since I view the game as done, I’m going to make a video to go over everything in the game because there are a lot of nuances that the average person probably doesn’t know. There’s also a lot of stuff that was added in this update that changes how some of the characters are controlled. Normally this sort of thing would be explained in-game with tutorials, but I don’t have time to do that. Most of the tutorials in the game are outdated anyway.

This version has not been tested very much, so please report bugs as you find them. Also, remember to leave feedback on the game so I can become a better game developer.

Thanks, and happy holidays from Exploding Rabbit!

29 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1.2 Released”

  1. The websites I try to play on are really slow. I wish there was an available download for the newest version so I can play it at a playable frame rate.

  2. *Edit: I would prefer the latest version. If not, then send me a link for 3.1.21 because that’s the version I played the most. Either way, I need to feel some nostalgia with a little SMBC. Please send the link ASAHP. (As soon as humanly possible.) No rush! (Although I would prefer you kept him in the game along with Mega Man as a playable character. BA-DUM-TSSSH!!)

  3. I played the heck out of this game back in middle school (about 3-4 years ago). Back then the latest version was 3.1.21. I know more versions have been put out since then, so could someone please e-mail me a download link or something because I can’t find a website to download it from anywhere, and my arrow keys are kind of messed up so playing in a browser is out of the question as I kind of need the controller to actually be good at the game. Thanks!!

  4. il primo gioco originale di super mario bros quando mario o luigi era a livello 3 (che spara le palline di fuoco e mangiato il fiore ) una volta colpito ritornava al livello 2 (dopo che mangia il fungo)… e non ritornava al livello 1 (quando era piccolo)…. e poi se ricordo bene i funghetti verdi che davano la vita c’erano un po di più (quasi uno per ogni 2-3 livelli)

  5. Hi Jay. These are great news to read 🙂 I’m glad for Bill because with the new way to play crossover introduced in 2.0 he was nerfed into oblivion, plus you had to grind your way through the game to get him into the best state (imo is 2 rapids and spread), and special as well as crossover are very stingy with powerups. Which makes me ask you this: are you considering working on a “powerup appearance rate” for a next update? That would be swell.

    Also, this may be a minor nitpick, but I’d like to get that out of the way: honestly I didn’t like the music for characters in the special skin to be changed into gameboy music. I liked that setting of Crossover 3.0 more, especially since there is no “lost levels” skin for the characters (and to be honest, there’s no reasony why it should be). Will you consider making “character music” a subdivision of the music options? Like for example, playing snes bass with music from regular bass, or playing Quint Megaman with music from SNES Megaman, or even more: playing NES link with Shadow of the Ninja music. I don’t know how much work would it mean, so I wouldn’t be able to put it into perspective.

    Merry christmas to all in Exploding Rabbit. Hope progress in SAS is going well, and my best wishes to all of you

    1. Regarding what you asked about in paragraph 1. There is already a setting for power-up appearance rates; it’s called “Item Drop Rate”, it appears in “More Settings” when you’re starting a new game.

      1. After reading some of the posts in this forum discussion, I think it would be possible to repurpose much of the existing character code for Kirby. For example: inhale could act similar to Megaman’s ability to pick up bricks, floating could act similar to Bass’s ability to double jump, and his power modes could act similar to Samus, Bill, or Ryu. The only part that would be difficult to implement should be deriving his powers from inhaled enemies, which could be replaced with item pick-ups if need be (you could make the items look like Kirby enemies, that would be funny). I hope this gives you some ideas at least.

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