Exploding Rabbit Podcast #2: The Exploding Rabbit Hole of Code Architecture

Jay and Matt talk about code architecture, making levels in Super Mario Bros. Crossover, what they’ve been playing, and quantum computing.

Jay and Matt dive into an Exploding Rabbit Hole full of code architecture. We also talk about making levels in Super Mario Bros. Crossover, what we’ve been playing, and quantum computing.

  • 2:28 – ECS Architecture (Entity Component Sytem)
  • 11:00 – Thoughts on Unity and the Godot Engine
  • 19:54 – Engine Agnostic Code Design with Entitas
  • 26:07 – View abstraction
  • 31:06 – How levels were made in Super Mario Bros. Crossover
  • 41:31 – Matt’s been playing Super Meat Boy
  • 44:56 – Jay’s been playing Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • 54:24 – Interesting thing: Quantum Computing


6 thoughts on “Exploding Rabbit Podcast #2: The Exploding Rabbit Hole of Code Architecture”

  1. I love these podcasts! I won’t pretend to fully understand all the topics but they’re still interesting and entertaining. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Thank you. The ECS part was inspiring. I’m not that strict when I code but take inspiration from different paradigm (taking some functional programming ideas and use it where it fits without going 100% for it). I think I’ll will try to make a Enemy class OOP with all basics that all enemies should have, but add special abilities and stuff as components.

  3. Thanks for the interesting podcast. Coincidentally, I was reading about the Entity-Component-System architecture in Nystrom’s Game Programming Patterns at the same time you posted this. Keep the game development content coming.

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