Exploding Rabbit Podcast: Episode 1 – The Early Days of Super Mario Bros. Crossover

The first episode of the Exploding Rabbit Podcast features a look at the early days of developing Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

We started a monthly podcast for Exploding Rabbit. In each episode, we’ll be taking a deep dive on one topic related to Exploding Rabbit or gamedev, and then we will have a few smaller, supplementary topics like what games we’re playing, what I’ve been working on, and anything else we find interesting.

I’m co-hosting the podcast with my cousin, Matt Gyure,  a very smart/funny guy that knows his way around code and other technical parts of gamedev. Matt knew I was trying to figure out a good way to keep people informed about Exploding Rabbit and recommended doing the podcast with me, so you can thank him.

The focus of the first episode is how I started Super Mario Bros. Crossover and what it was like working on it in the early days. It was just meant to be a test episode, but it turned out so well that we decided to release it.

Matt and I are very excited about where this thing will go. We’re open to feedback so let us know what you’re interested in and what you’d like us to change.

You can listen on iTunes,  Google Play,  Stitcher, or at the podcast’s website. Be sure to subscribe so new episodes will be delivered directly to you.

The music in the episode is from the Castle in the Darkness Soundtrack.

2 thoughts on “Exploding Rabbit Podcast: Episode 1 – The Early Days of Super Mario Bros. Crossover”

  1. I am so excited to have your level editor in my hands. Something intuitive for me to play around with to make 2D sprite-based games is a perfect fit. This was a great podcast! Great audio, Mathew drove the conversation well, you were funny as usual, & hearing a bit of backstory regarding how your quest began definitely helps me connect more with what you’re doing. Crazy excited to see this podcast continue to grow, & I especially can’t wait to play Glitch Strikers!

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