“Amazing” Basketball Shots

See some of the most amazing basketball shots in the world!

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Here’s a video I made in 1998 with one of my friends when I first started using a video camera. I remember being excited about stuff I could do with editing, so this was one of my early experiments.

Problem 27

Two friends must solve math problems as they try to find their missing calculus teacher. Completed in April 2003.

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Whoa! I started posting old short films again. This time, I’m going to keep posting them until they’re all up. So if you hate them… maybe unsubscribe for a while. In other news, I started posting on Twitter regularly, and I will continue to do at least 1 or 2 tweets a day.

This is a short film I did in high school for my calculus class. It has a lot of calculus jokes, but it’s still funny if you don’t understand them. Anyway, enjoy it. Or don’t. But either way you should watch it… maybe.

Attempted Love

A girl tries to read in the park, but some guy is stalking her. Completed March 2004.

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This is the first short film I made in college. It’s silent and was shot on black and white 16mm film. It’s about a guy trying desperately to win a girl’s love.

Jay: Vampire Slayer

I have decided to release my old movies. The first one is Jay: Vampire Slayer, a movie about Jay fighting vampires. Perfect.

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I finally decided to start releasing my old movies. We’ll kick it off with the classic, “Jay: Vampire Slayer.” I believe this was filmed in March of 1998, so you are seeing 14 years into the past. Crazy times.

Also, I decided to do audio commentary for every movie I release. That way you can learn a little bit more about what was going on when I made them. There won’t be any particular order I release the movies in. I’ll try and mix it up so that you don’t get a bunch of boring ones in a row.

Jay performs Immer Kleiner

Jay performs a fun song while his clarinet shrinks.

You probably don’t know this, but I’m a musician. In fact, I like music so much that I almost majored in musical performance at college instead of filmmaking. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve played any music, but I just bought a keyboard so I’m finally getting get back into it. I figured I’d celebrate the occasion by posting a video of my favorite musical performance.

In this video, I play song called “Immer Kleiner”, composed by A.Schreiner, accompanied by the Bradford High School Symphonic Band. The title translated to English means “Always Smaller.” If you watch closely, you’ll understand why it’s called that. And of course, I add a bit of silliness to the performance with the help of my teacher. This was performed in May 2003 in Kenosha, WI.

It feels good to be returning to my roots. Filmmaking and music have been missing from my life for far too long. And don’t worry, the game is still coming. I’m just glad it’s not the only thing I’m doing any more.

Jay Auditions for the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie

Jay unleashes his mad acting skills on the world as he auditions for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie.

Jay unleashes his mad acting skills on the world as he auditions for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie.