Exploding Rabbit Timeline

Here is a timeline events starting from a year before Exploding Rabbit was founded. If you’d like to know more about events before this time, see the Pre-Exploding Rabbit Timeline. This page is written from the perspective of Jay Pavlina.

2009 – In March, I started working on Super Mario Bros. Crossover even though I had no experience making games. After a few months, I gave up and worked on a different project. In August, I met Iggy, who I later married, and she helped me to feel confident again about my creative projects, so I resumed work on SMBC.

2010 – On April 27th, I released Super Mario Bros. Crossover and it was a big hit. My entire life was changed, and it was the first time I could make enough money from my work to live off of. I finally had an audience, and I was determined not to lose them, so I continued work on SMBC. Version 1.1, featuring Ryu Hayabusa, was released on June 25th. Version 1.2, featuring SOPHIA III, was released on December 15th. Both were great successes.

2011 – In January, I met Zach Robinson on the forum, and began working with him on the skinning system that would eventually be released in SMBC version 2.0. We spent pretty much the entire year working on it. I also did some work on revamping the website and made my first public appearance at an event called World’s Fair Use Day.

2012Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 was released on February 9th, and it was a huge success. We released version 2.1 of SMBC on December 21st.

2013 – The trailer for SMBC 3.0 was released in April, and it got a lot of positive attention. Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1 was released at the end of the year.