The Exploding Rabbit Store is Open For Business

The Exploding Rabbit store is launched and full of awesome video game merchandise.

Edit: The storeĀ is no longer available.

Greetings! For a long time, people have been requesting to buy shirts related to Super Mario Bros. Crossover and Exploding Rabbit. I’m happy to announce that that is now possible through the Exploding Rabbit Store. Since it’s just opening, we don’t have a ton of products yet, but there is still some pretty awesome stuff there. We have all the stuff you could want with your favorite exploding bunny on it, and we also have a few items related to the world famous “Downward Thrust”.

It’s pretty easy for us to make new products for the store, so feel free to make suggestions in the new Exploding Rabbit Store forum. We’ll probably also be pitching some of our own ideas there to see what you guys think. I’m hoping eventually the store will be pretty big and have stuff related to all kinds of video games. And maybe eventually we’ll be creating our own original games and have our own official artwork in there. It’s all very exciting.

Profits from the store will go towards making Exploding Rabbit more awesome, so you can feel good about the money you spend in there. And we did our best to make sure that the products are high quality, so you can buy with confidence. Anyway, start browsing the store and let us know what you think in the forum.

And I promise the update to Super Mario Bros. Crossover is coming. It’s just a really big update so it’s taking a long time. Have a great day!

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