Sprite Flipping and SMB 1-1

Sprites can now be flipped!


I implemented sprite flipping in the level editor and game engine. The image above shows flipping on hill. Those are both the same sprite.

I also built the first level of Super Mario Bros. There is a toad there because the story takes place after Mario beats Bowser, so he has freed the toads.

Speaking of that… does anyone have any ideas for how the first level would be different after Mario has beaten Bowser? So far I just have toads hanging around that you can talk to, there are no enemies, and some of the bricks and item blocks have already been hit. I was wondering if there could be anything else different to make it more interesting to go through the level. It’s important for the story that the player goes through the whole level.

14 thoughts on “Sprite Flipping and SMB 1-1”

  1. Wait… so if the blocks were orig Mushroom Kingdom folks, what were the pipes? I imagine you could make small city bgs with the castles similar to Zelda 2’s environments.

  2. I know this has NOTHING to do with this topic, but I have a suggestion. How about a Metroid and Mega Man map skin? I think that this could’ve and would fit in perfectly…

  3. Have birds flying in the background, maybe just “m”s. Also, Toad landscapers sowing grass, maybe Building toad houses?

  4. Technically, I believe all of the bricks should turn back into Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants, if Bowser is defeated. Or at least some of them. I don’t think the instruction manual was clear on that. :-/

    1. Yeah I know that’s the story for the original game, but not many people know it, and I think Nintendo abandoned the idea.

      I was thinking it’d be funny to have a toad crying because you killed his friends when you broke the bricks… but it’s probably not appropriate for the game. :/

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