Patron Test

This is an experimental WebGL version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. It is recommended to play in Firefox or Chrome. Please try both browsers and see which works better for you. You can click the blue button on the right for full screen mode.

Please note that this game is unfinished, and some levels cannot be completed at this time. If you get stuck, pause the game with the Enter key, and select the debug menu to skip the level. For more info, see the SMBC Frequently Asked Questions..

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a fan game unaffiliated with Nintendo that allows you to play a recreation of the original Super Mario Bros. with characters from other popular retro video games.


Some gamepads should automatically work. PS4 controller is confirmed to work on Firefox and Chrome.

  • Z – jump
  • X – attack
  • C – special
  • Enter – pause