Let’s Chill Out

Jay gets tired of all the praise and requests he is getting, so he decided to make himself look like an idiot.

Wow, Super Mario Bros. Crossover is still in the news today. I was feeling a little bit frustrated about some business type things, but everything is much better now. But anyway, I figured I’d put up a funny video of myself just to relieve some of the pressure.

Video removed for copyright reasons. It’s possible I might put it up again later.

Yes, that is me dancing like an idiot. See, you all thought I was some genius game developer, but it turns out I’m just a crazy person. Have a good day and please remember to not take yourself or your life too seriously. 🙂

My second interview just got posted. Be sure to read it because it’s pretty funny.

By the way, the game has been played almost 6 million times. 🙂

And we’re talking about the game on The Exploding Rabbit Facebook Page, so be sure to check it out. I’ll be looking there for feature requests and other things.

1,680 thoughts on “Let’s Chill Out”

  1. @NotTellin – I feel the same way.
    @madrox8: I know you’re just joking, but that’s actually a really good idea. I may use it in the future.

  2. Haha..I like your style. Great job with the game, btw.
    and you know what, you have inspired me now 🙂

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