How to Help Exploding Rabbit

This is a list of ways you can help Exploding Rabbit grow.

Sometimes people want to know how they can help Exploding Rabbit, so here’s a list of things you can do. For now, building awareness is more important than getting money, so don’t worry about donating unless you really want to.

  1. Subscribe to the Exploding Rabbit Youtube Channel and watch my videos. I get paid based on video views, so this is very helpful.
  2. Like the Exploding Rabbit Facebook Page.
  3. Add the Exploding Rabbit Google+ Page to your circles and +1 it if you’re on Google+.
  4. Follow Exploding Rabbit on Twitter.
  5. Subscribe to the Exploding Rabbit Blog. You can also subscribe through email.
  6. Spread the word about Exploding Rabbit. Tell your friends to read this page, and share all of your favorite things on social networking sites.

Thanks for helping Exploding Rabbit grow. 🙂

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