Glitch Strikers Trailer and Greenlight Campaign

Glitch Strikers is announced with a trailer and Steam Greenlight campaign.

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! You can now see what I had in mind when I launched the Super Retro Squad Kickstarter way back in June 2012. It was a lot harder to get to this point than I could have imagined, but we made it.

As you can see, the game looks amazing! Even though it took a long time and we had many difficulties, I was improving my game development skills and learning throughout all of it. However, knowing how to make a game means nothing if there’s no art or sound.

On one fortunate day, I met Matt Kap… and almost instantly, the game was back on track. HUGE thanks to Matt for using his amazing pixel art, music, and sound skills to bring this game to life. The project would still just be in my head if it wasn’t for him.

So this is huge news. Exploding Rabbit is back, and Super Retro Squad is reborn as Glitch Strikers. And as you can see, we put tons of work into this trailer. I hope you enjoy it. Please vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. We’ll try and get the first part, Hyper Manni Pals, on Early Access as soon as we can.

For more info on Glitch Strikers, check out the press kit.

One thought on “Glitch Strikers Trailer and Greenlight Campaign”

  1. Hello my name is jonathan
    I live in Mexico
    Could you ask for something ?!
    My friends and I have played SMBC (good game by the way)
    And we wanted to order something …
    Could you gregar Kirby in a next SMBC game please ?!
    It would be wonderful to play with him in the world of Mario
    In total we are 20 approximately (only of us) that we ask that they add it
    I know that you are great and could add … please do not ignore ….. at least tell me if you read my message …..
    Beforehand thank you very much……
    Thank you very much if you add it …… Exploding Rabbit would get my heart to 100% right now they have it to 99% :v
    Thanks again for reading the comment ….
    Are better … 😀

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