Super Mario Bros. Crossover Version 1.1 Released

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Version 1.1 is released! I talk about some of the new things and encourage you to go play it right now!

So it’s finally the day everyone has been waiting for… especially me. I’ve been looking forward to this day because it means I get to take a break. But anyway, you don’t want to hear what I have to say. You want to play version 1.1. So head on over to the new official website,, and play that shit!

This new version is awesome. It has tons of new stuff, and it’s almost like a re-release of the game. This is how I would have wanted to originally release the game if I had the time. Version 1.0 didn’t even feel like a game to me. It didn’t add enough stuff to Super Mario Bros to be its own thing, so that’s why I often referred to it as a demo. Hopefully seeing all the new stuff I added gives you some hints that I plan on adding A LOT to this game. This is just the beginning. It really does feel like the beginning to me.

Ryu is now in the game, but that is old news to me. The thing I’m most excited about, and also the new feature I spent the most time on by far, is that the game now features a built-in NES sound emulator. All of the music you hear in the game now is emulated using a C/C++ library called Game Music Emu. There is no more mp3 music, so the filesize is significantly smaller and the sound quality is better. The drawback is that this causes a decrease in performance for the game because of all the extra work it’s doing. I’ve offered several sound quality options that change the amount of processing the emulator does, so I am hoping if people with slow computers use the low quality option, they’ll still be okay. If it still runs slow, you can turn off the music completely and performance will improve even more. My computer is kind of slow so I have to use low quality.

And then there’s a lot of other new stuff that I don’t feel like talking about. You can just play and you’ll see it. I made a page that talks about what I changed. It’s the new version history page. And like I said before, there’s now a website just for playing the game. And I made a cool banner for the website. At least, I think it’s cool.

Oh I remember what I wanted to say. A lot of people ask me about porting the game to other systems like Wii Homebrew, PSP, ROM, and other stuff like that. So here’s the deal. For now, I’m just making this one version of the game, and I don’t want people to port it to anything else. Why, you may ask? I have been advised by people in the game development industry that it’s best to leave it as only a Flash game for now because it doesn’t compete with Nintendo or any of the other companies whose intellectual property is used in the game. As a flash game, Super Mario Bros. Crossover is very nonthreatening. It’s just a fan game. But if it starts getting ported to run on other hardware, especially Nintendo hardware, then it’s a different story. So for now, it’s just an online game that you play in your browser.

And I’m also not going to officially have any download links for the game. It helps me when you play the game on my website instead of just downloading it and playing it on your own. Your visits will help increase the page rank of the site and can help me to get more exposure and have more opportunities in general. I didn’t put anything in the game that stops you from playing it offline though, so you still can if you want, but I’d rather you play on the site.

And I guess that about wraps things up for now. Hopefully everything works in the game. If not, I can do some small fixes. Report the bugs in the appropriate topic in the forum, and I’ll destroy them… one by one. I don’t know how long it will be until the next big feature gets in the game. I’m definitely taking a vacation, but it’s sort of in my nature to work constantly, so who knows.

I hope you enjoy version 1.1. I worked like hell to make it, and a few people helped me with some stuff, mostly J Squared and Blargg. So thanks for your support, thanks for playing the game, and most of all, thanks for enjoying the game. If no one liked it, I would have stopped at version 1.0.

And now, it is my great pleasure to tell you to get your ass over to and play Super Mario Bros. Crossover Version 1.1… and while your ass is doing that, mine is going to sleep!

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  1. 3 years ago:hey i want to play 1.1!2 years ago:yay cheats!1 year ago: we get to play as sophia yay

  2. Absolutely love it. Saw a trailer, tried running it, got a white screen, watched your videos (Screw the people who don’t like your commentary; I find it entertaining, and it’s better than solely watching the game with nothing else but music and SFX), and then tried again to play it, and 1.1 worked. Of course… I’m horrible at it, and it’s 5:16AM where I am and I’ve been up all night, but… Meh.

    If you end up reading this at all… Keep up the good work, dude. I’m sure everyone appreciates it (I know I do). I had something more clever to say, but my sleep-deprived brain forgot it.

    First thing next morning… Showin’ this to my girlfriend. Rofl.

  3. God bless you for this, Jay Pavlina.

    God effing bless you, man. . .

    Super Mario Crossover has officially become my favorite Nintendo game ever. EVER. And I only just discovered it an hour ago.

  4. I found a bug – the game causes my computer TO EXPLODE WITH AWESOME.

    But seriously, by my calculations you cost my employer almost a hundred bucks today in lost wages -_-;;

    Keep coding, and thanks!

  5. dude i LOVE this game! although it would be fun to play as bowser after you beat him. but dont get to exited. you dont have to do it, i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely want you to have a siyesta.
    sounds like your pooped!

  6. This is really awesome, I’m impressed how the mechanics for every character was creatively implemented. But still, its a shame I cannot play it full-screen on my emulators. I’ve tried several homebrew mario games over at but I must say this one is the most creative. The others are mainly focused on altering levels to make it insanely hard. But this one appeals to everyone. So c’mon creator, give this gem the attention it deserves!

  7. This is probably the awesomest thing I’ve seen the internet as a whole produce. Thank you for a truly incredible experience that has brought me and my friends together for many hours of fun! I hope that nintendo steps up and pays you the money you deserve to port this to a console!!!

  8. Truely an awesome thing that has been brought forth. Brilliant!

    One caveat: I can understand why it’s not a .nes game (working on emulators) but it’s still a damn shame…

  9. This is a great “Mix Remake” for people who love old school games like Super Mario Bros, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Super Metroid, Megaman, Contra, Castlevania and Zelda.
    I have a suggestion (it’s just an idea, you do not have to, but if it does, it would be nice), people who love this game maybe are too busy to stay home and play, even people who have notebooks may not have time to stay somewhere. A great idea would be to make a portable version, but will not go into detail of how to do it. Only two questions: What do you think of my suggestion, and do you considered this option before?

    P.S.: Sorry if you didn’t understand something, I’m not an expert writing on english. I actually speak spanish.

  10. To access cheat menu, save game, open up the .txt save file and edit the last number from 0 to 1. Save, then load and pause and access.

  11. Love the game, but,

    Please get rid of the stubby midget Link from Zelda 1, and replace him with the strapping young Link from Zelda 2. That one was made specifically for side-scrolling platforming, after all…. And he’s got Jump magic and Fire magic and up/down thrusts already (the stubby midget Link never had those, and couldn’t even jump, as he was made to run around on a map, not across platforms). If you MUST keep the stubby midget Link for nostalgia reasons, then only have him until you grab a Mushroom, then you grow up into the proper Link for platforming.

    Simon’s double-jump seems really…. way too changed. It just doesn’t feel right at all. It would be better just to give him high jumping ability, and maybe more of his weapons if he needs to be stronger. UP + Attack, or UP + Special attack could each activate a different weapon, like: Boomerang, Axe, Stopwatch…. Even if you had to use up coins to activate the weapons!

    My vote for another character would be Pit from Kid Icarus!

  12. FYI, MegaMan cannot complete level 5-3 in extreme mode. The small platforms near the end are impossible to clear ever since you nerfed his jump height. And Rush just falls through these anyway. Otherwise, lovin the good work man. Keep it up.

  13. Why is the Zelda I link being used? Would it be easier and also look more natural to rather use the sprite and movements from Adventure of Link?

  14. Dude, this game is amazing! Easily one of the best flashes of ALL TIME!!! I’m kinda surprised no one thought of this earlier, but props to you for finally doing it! If you ever do a Mega Man game crossover, please start with Mega Man 2. Nothing against 1, but the general concensus is 2 is the best of all time. I don’t know how you’d pull off Castlevania, but that would be amazing. Of course, getting a career in programming or game design instead of serving the whims of random people (like me!:) would be the best. Best wishes my friend! Your creativity is 1 in a million.


  16. hey everyone if you dont know how to use cheat menu finis the game first

    Heres trick go to world 1 level 2 thers an elevator near the end of the game you shaou ld go up unitl you can on the florr above the pipe and you should eter the warp zone an the choose world 4 the finish level 1 with use run unil the end of the leve then on level 2 when you see the elevator that goes down you will see rhree blocks the perfeck one to do this is ryu climb onthe right edge and use wind mill shureken so you could hit the three then when you see a vine go up and in the end of it go to thre is another warp zone and then go to level 8 thats all you gotto do to get to world 8 very quick

    oh yeah you should remember to do the level at super easy thats all

  17. Are you planning on adding any other new characters in the future? If so, may I…recommend Takamaru?

  18. @steve you’re nuts. These are all nintendo characters. And sonic probably wouldn’t fit the sprite style. If you want sonic in a mario game, try Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.

  19. great game love the updates! there is only one minor thing im not happy about and that is we lost the ability to change the button configurations

  20. Great job, it’s even more professional. I like the options that make a little bit more handicapped gaming (I.E. backwards scrolling disabled). Ryu rocks, he was well added, without breaking the awesomwness the game already had, Samus was really cleverly upgraded, I personally don’t use Simon’s upgrade because it’s not like Castlevania, but it’s ok to be in, I think many people hate it’s original jumping capabilities, although I wouldn’t put that upgrade in the game, Link rocks even a lot more. About Megaman, I think it’s unnecesary to handicap him like that, I wouldn’t condition his jumping quality at the cost of Rush, I would include Rush only for powering him even more, nothing else, no collateral issues,and the new jump doesn’t respect his original qualities in Megaman, it makes him preety annoying to play on Extreme mode. About Bill, I liked more the tune that you used for the castles in the previous version, but that’s not relevant.

    On the overall the game is awesome, even more awesome than the previous one, and I thought that it couldn’t be improved that much, but you did it, great job, I would like to program in AS 3.0 as good as you do, in fact, I’m reading the bibliography that you recommended, thanks.

    Keep on like that, and I’d love to see more videos from you, they’re so hilarious.

    Nothing further, I hope to see more, thank you for making real videogames, among all this garbage that we get from enterprises, you help to keep the gamers flame lit, and still alive, I thank you again, I’ll be lurking for more, Bye Bye!

  21. Distephano, that is likely a keyboard problem. Most keyboards dont respond well to lots of keys being held down at the same time.

  22. Great improvements, but Mario still can’t jump while running (holding x) to the left. Causes a lot of accidents.

  23. To access the cheat menu:

    First save a file through the game.
    Next, Open the file using notepad.
    Then, Change the last digit before , from 0 to 1.
    (Ex. 328,328,71,68,68,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,142,145,164,160,109,178,173,117,4,0,3,1,0,0,0,2,1,1,1,0
    should now be 328,328,71,68,68,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,142,145,164,160,109,178,173,117,4,0,3,1,0,0,0,2,1,1,1,1)
    Save your new (.txt) file.
    Open your new file through the game.

    You should now have the cheat menu accessible

  24. Invincibility ROCKS!!… I am such a cheater. >:)

    I have been anticipating this game for a while and i am so glad it was finally released. Thanks Jay.
    P.s. I left a 20 dollar donation as a token of my appreciation =)

  25. Thank you so much for releasing SMBC V1.1. There are many little features that the trailers don’t brag about that I noticed, like the new music for Bill running out of time and the invincible block in level 1.2 is now a coin block so it makes more sense. I just thought I’d let you know I appreciate all the little new features and bug fixes as well as the big ones. (Not going to list them all here because it’d take forever.)
    Also, thank you for staying in touch with your community by posting frequent videos, news and updates.
    P.S. I love the two new characters!
    P.P.S. I count Simon as a new character because I couldn’t play with him before with Easy Jump.

  26. Definitely love v 1.1, Samus finally being able to hit goombas and Simon’s easy jump have vastly improved gameplay. Ryu is also a lot of fun, especially in the underground levels, and some castles, that I can just climb the walls and run atop the stage (yes yes, cheating, I know, but I’ve beaten this game legitimately b4 so it’s allowed)

    Anyway, keep up the good work, I look forward to future updates.


  27. jay can you make a practise mode pls cuz I cannot control ryu well and everytime i play the time will run out n i die X(

  28. Ehehe…I played this on before you’d even made the announcement.
    And I have to say, this is f%&$*@& EPIC.
    I can practically FEEL my existence being validated. XD
    I can sum up this incredible creation of yours in one word: “JOYGASM!”

  29. WHAT THE HELL I CANT MOVE IN-GAME !!! I’m pressing the arrow keys but it doesn’t seem to work ! It DID work in the 1.0 version ! ARG !!!!!!

  30. I’m loving the game and I’m incredibly impressed that you did this with no degrees or anything like that in flash.
    I don’t know if this is just something thats wrong with my computer, but the controls are all muddled up. :O
    I set them as the things I want but they come out the same muddled way every time 🙁

  31. Congratulations for your work, the game is great I love it. My only suggestion is to makes Ryu’s sword stun like the other characters. I end up avoiding the enemies like a… ninja?
    Anyway, thanks for your game.

  32. Thanks so much for updating! I waited all night to play it first thing, and I’m not disappointed a bit. :3

    I’m eager to find out how to access the cheat menu, however I won’t come begging to the almighty creator for answers, I’ll find out on my own. (Still have yet to try Contra code: Note to self; Do that when I awaken from my eternal slumber)

    Also, I wanted to comment on how I especially liked the ‘left scroll off’ feature. It really adds a lot to the game, giving it the feel of playing the original rather than having too much extra help. >w<

    Anyway I've been waiting almost a month for this to get done, gameplay has improved vastly, especially as Link; Before the ability to attack up or down, I found it difficult to enjoy playing as him, and now it's fun as hell!

    Simon's easy jump option helps a lot too, however I think I'll refrain from using/abusing it too much, with the exception of water levels, because I always jump into bloopers/fish/pits. What a pain in the ass without the ability to control your ass mid-air.

    I thought you picked out a great list of songs, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed to not hear the first level theme from Ninja Gaiden, but really it's not a huge complaint.

    It's hella fun finally being able to play as Ryu!

    Oh, also (Not to ramble on too much =P) I want to thank you for helping me find this wonderful program JoyToKey. I use it for everything now, I set up the mouse and clickers, along with helpful keys (Enter, Esc, Alt, Tab, Space, Backspace, etc.) and I use the program to make playing Rumble Fighter a lot easier.

    So all in all, thanks for everything and I'll continue to play your game day after day. ^o^ I'm hoping to download a video-making program sometime in the near future so that I can post videos of my own, and probably some Extreme difficulty speed runs or something to that extent.

    Have a good one!

    ~ Zero,
    Dark Knight of the Apocalypse

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