Super Mario Bros. Crossover HTML5 Preview

Jay talks about what’s been happening and demonstrates a work-in-progress port of SMBC to HTML5 that was later canceled.

Update: This port was canceled.

Jay talks about what’s been happening and demonstrates a work-in-progress port of SMBC to HTML5.

  • 0:00: Introduction, changes, showing stuff before it’s ready
  • 3:20: Demonstration of SMBC HTML5, Flash vs HTML5, WebGL
  • 7:30: Explanation of how it happened, some talk of OpenFL and HTML5 platform
  • 10:08: Rendering in WebGL vs rendering in Unity, advantage of custom tools in game development
  • 12:45: Palette system used in SMBC Flash, shaders, comparison to WebGL
  • 17:18: Knowledge grew since starting SMBC, so old stuff is worse than more recent stuff
  • 18:30: Demonstration of old animation system
  • 21:30: JSON used for data, old animation data ported to JSON
  • 25:53: Programming discussion, ActionScript 3 (flash version) vs Haxe (HTML5 version), some early programming mistakes
  • 29:50: Show how color data is stored separately from textures, explain in basic terms how it looks up colors
  • 31:30: Old theme sprite sheet vs new one
  • 33:55: Learned stuff from past experiences like Unity, know lots of programming languages now
  • 36:02: Real talk, accepting negative criticism, letting people down, apology, lessons learned

23 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Crossover HTML5 Preview”

  1. By the way… Can you add VS. Super Mario Bros. I already done with the 3 maps

  2. I’m hoping that more types of graphics of like Super Princess Peach, Super Star Saga

  3. hello jay i don’t know what is about the video(because my computer don’t have sound) but if it is about a new version of smbc add master higgins from adventure island in the new versión please D,:

  4. Hey Jay, I am Leonard Norwood Jr, Leon for short. And I’ve got to say, Game Development does has it moments of problems, but the point is to learn from mistakes made and figure out a way for a group to work together and make sure that a game happens, even if what you’ve experienced is a bit critical and harsh, it is still a lesson learned and take whatever good in bad in situations so one day it can all be turned around someday and progress will continue as usual until completion. I’m interested in Game Development myself, so I’m in college as a computer scientist in my own way to learn computers so I can one day use the tech to learn how to develop games. So I’m looking forward to the lesson I learn and grab my Bachelor’s, while learning a little something about game development.
    Anyway, at least you know what happened to you and you admit your mistakes, even with some people still ragging on you, when they should also know what you decided to do and that sometimes there are some consequences that can happen without proper preparedness, and even then, that shouldn’t stop you from making sure you do what you say what you’re going to do. Developing games takes time and money and so much more. Feedback and criticism is the way to learn as well. So don’t let this all get you down, learn from it, move on and make sure you do what needs to be done, no matter how long it takes.
    Everyday a person learns something, even from seeing a person’s own mistakes they will one day rectify and will finish what they planned. Anyway, keep on moving on Jay, you made Super Mario Crossover, and you must be proud of what you created even if it is work already done by Nintendo, you still took a Mario Game and had other Nintendo characters in on the ride. And the coding with some of them was a bit of a challenge I may presume. Super Action Squad is your first project, where you and others are making something original. Continue to keep your cool, and keep making good rational and logical decision on what you have to do with the game step by step.
    As for the rest of us, some of us may complain like little kids, some of us are trying to give you advice that may prove helpful to you, but in the end, we’re just people looking forward to what you will create and hope and pray for the best. And that’s all from me.

  5. Nice update! Too bad about the Negative Nancys not understanding how investments work.

  6. Thank you, Jay, and everyone at Exploding Rabbit, for keeping us informed and updated.

  7. You got some very talented people in the house. Just keep going at it and develop your dream games! Thanks for the update.

  8. I’m still a fan and support you and ER! You didn’t lose any of my money, but I guess I can see why some people are a little upset. You have to accept failure, learn from it and move on.

  9. That is what the Internet does to you. It makes you spew insults at a person when you do not know them personally. It is the sign of a troll, I might be one myself. If your company only has a small amount of funding, a game like the one Jay tried to develop called Super Action Squad is more difficult to complete when your production team is not paid enough money. So do not blame Jay? Blame our big corporations and wealthy people here in America.

  10. But… it´s all bullshit. You are still bullshitting us Jay. You guys didn´t do your best, and i refuse to believe you worked ALL day on the kickstarter project. If someone put in 8 hours a day, for a whole year… there WILL be some sort of tangible product/result to show. You showed us a purple triangle moving around a screen. Would you PLEASE STOP LIE for just one second.
    And you have NOT been doing your best in order to make it up to the people that let you down. You have NOT refunded them. Heck, you haven´t even bothered to ANSWER most of them. There is still a ton of people whom heard nothing from you, conserning their refund.
    And you talk about all this stuff you learned. Well i´m glad, because your “education” cost the people over 50 000 dollars. But once again, what have you actually learned? You are STILL bullshitting us.

    Jeez, the more i see out of you… the more i see, what an all around bad human being you are. You are a liar. You owe people money. You are selfish. You are disillusioned. You are incompetent.

    1. Whatever dude. I responded to every refund request that has been sent through Kickstarter or the contact form on this website. If someone says they haven’t received a response for a request, they probably did not request it directly from me.

      1. Lol. Make a videopost about “accepting negative criticism. Respond to negative criticism in comment section with “Whatever Dude”.

        Thanks for proving my point.

        1. There is huge difference between negative criticism and trolling. With all those insults, his respond is the most kind thing you deserve.

        2. lets see you program a game from scratch, & leave a stable home into a new place, all for a game. how many months do you think nintendo worked on a game like pokemon x/y before they announced anything about it and they had over 100 professional people working on it. we are watching a work in progress from the very beginning and its not being work on by professionals. like YOU said 8hours a year can show something. team exploding rabbit had to program that purple block that hopped on walls and such so they did show their work time and effort. the point is ITS A WORK IN PROGRESS.
          i was not expecting a full game or even a demo for at least 3 years. just have some patients.

    2. And you strike me as an insufferable douche who knows nothing about how difficult and tedious game development can be.
      But that is a reactionary observation that is taken out of the context of who you are as a whole with no consideration of what your personal circumstances might be.

      1. And you strike me as a person who thinks that something being difficult and tedious, makes it´s ok to squander 50 000 dollars (of other people´s money),

        1. He’s admitted to his mistakes. And as he’s been able to afford them, he’s been issuing refunds. However, let’s consider the fact that we’ve all enjoyed his game, “Super Mario Bros. Crossover”, which he’s not entitled to a single DIME for. He’s been giving us a FREE game with a TON of content, and you want to complain about the fact that people WILLINGLY gave him money?
          When you invest, you are taking consequences upon yourself. Sometimes you can’t get a refund. You’re looking at the BIG price tag, but seriously, in the world of gaming development, that’s a small spit in the bucket.

          Not only that, but you’ve been refunded yourself. So, in the end, all you’re doing is complaining, and trying to be a martyr/hero, when in the end, there are HOW MANY people who AREN’T complaining, and just sitting here, waiting for the game?
          And while they’re waiting… they’re playing his ALREADY COMPLETED GAME which took him a LONG time.

          By the way, while you’re at it, why don’t you go complain to Valve about Half-Life 3 taking forever to come out? Or complain to Square-Enix about how long Final Fantasy XIV (aka, Versus 13) has taken to come out?
          You just want to complain, and you’ve done so. So please, do us all a favor, and stop. Just please. Stop. And by the way, being insulting? It’s not helping your case. It just makes you look like a troll.

        2. Also, as somebody else has pointed out, Kickstarter isn’t a “pre-order”. It’s a way to invest. Sometimes investments flop. Sometimes they take much longer. But also take a look at this: They only asked for $10,000 initially. Any person with common sense would see that it wasn’t a wise investment (no offense, Jay).
          Instead of making your comments negative, why not offer something positive to the conversation? Instead of (essentially) calling Jay a piece of crap, why not help him find a way to fix the problem?
          Or is being a jerk behind a monitor who just likes to complain just too easy for you? Because you can get as angry as you want. You can vent, rant, and rave your opinions until you’re blue in the face. But until you help contribute to the solution, you’re just adding to the problem.

          It’s people like YOU who are delaying this game (in addition to the previously mentioned issues).

    3. About the purple rectangle, Jay clearly stated it was debug graphics. Game developing 101. Also have you listened to the part where Jay says he prefers keeping a lot of content secret to make bigger surprises ? That’s how he’s always done with SMBC.
      About refunds, everyone who contacted ER for a refund has been refunded. Haven’t you ? Saying “whatever” is the only answer to your repeated harassment. “Accepting” doesn’t mean “agreeing”, it means “acknowledging”.

      1. Dag was indeed refunded, but we haven’t been able to refund everyone who requested a refund after he did, yet. The Kickstarter money was spent, to fund development, and the company hasn’t released a game yet, with which we could make that money again. As per our public refund policy, “We will fulfill refund requests as soon as we can afford them, but due to exorbitant demand, it is unlikely that your refund will be granted before Super Action Squad is released. “

  11. Wow… it’s been a long time, right? It’s great to hear from you once again. Nice to see things are coming along well. It was also nice to see some “behind the scenes” footage from the Flash game.
    As always, anything you decide to do, anything you work on, we, your true fans, will support it… except for ER’s forum… I still displeased with it and I have no plans to return to it.
    PD: I still kind of miss working on skins. It was really sweet. Oh, and thanks for including some of mine in the game. I still thankful to you for that. 🙂

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