Super Mario Bros. Crossover 4.x Release Notes

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Version 4.0.0a2 – December 3rd, 2018

  • Fixed menu navigation bug when only two menu items exist
  • Implemented view pooling (performance increase)
  • Blueprints now cache component configs (performance increase)
  • Batched AddComponent calls when applying blueprints (performance increase)
  • Implemented spawning system that can circumvent ECS; only applied to brick pieces for now (performance increase)
  • Destroy sticker entities immediately but leave view (performance increase; FYI stickers are sprites that do not move)
  • Fixed music delay
  • Fixed FMOD sample rate (resampling no longer required)
  • Fixed audio stuttering while loading levels
  • Implemented showing list of supporters directly in-game (Patreon reward)
  • Show black screen in between loading levels
  • Fixed enter/exit pipe animations and set custom ones for some characters, like Samus
  • Fixed bug that caused sleeping objects to constantly wake up and fall back asleep
  • Switched from Unity Analytics to GameAnalytics (Unity Analytics is the worst thing I have ever seen)

Version 4.0.0a1 – November 20th, 2018

  • Rewrote game from scratch in Unity
  • Runs directly in the browser with no plugins via WebGL; no longer depends on Flash
  • Changed aspect ratio to wide screen
  • Added gamepad support
  • Now supports 60 fps
  • Can be rendered at higher resolutions; before was locked at 2x
  • New code is much cleaner, making it easier to maintain and add features
  • Data is now separate from code; many changes can now be made without touching code
  • Many features from Flash version are still missing