News Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Released

Super Mario Bros. Crossover gets skinnable graphics and a new power-up system.

  1. sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Maybe I'm missing something, but what does the "R" do for Bill? More damage? I thought it would be rapid fire, but it's clearly not that.
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  2. roman6a Level 8: Hammer Bro

    gameplay more like the good ol' nes characters on their own games?
    the game is still freaking awesome?
  3. Captain Knight Level 9: Spike Top

    I'm just now playing the update, but the sad thing is, I can only see the bad things in this, none of the good. I'm sure in a couple days I'll start to love it, but for now, I can only see bad stuff.
    For example, constantly jumping on top of goombas that kill me. And not being able to have the weapon you always start with, like Simon's axe. I know this is supposed to add realism to the game like you're actually playing Castlevania instead of Super Mario Bros., but it's still a problem I need to get used to. AND THE NES MUSIC GOT CHANGED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL TRACKS ON THE NEWGROUNDS VERSION. RAGE.

    I don't hate the update, but I'm only seeing the bad stuff, which will go away soon hopefully. Don't hate this message.
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  4. roman6a Level 8: Hammer Bro

    it is rapid fire, it even says so on the tutorial.

    try picking an S and check how fasts the shots go when having the awesome double R
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  5. Rey D Level 11: Moderator

    Has someone mentioned that Trevor with Vampire Killer as overworld theme was surprising?
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  6. Dinospy_01 Level 12: Super Mod

    You guys! I found a bug!

    There's a bug in world 1-2, at the very end of the underground part, there's a block in front of the pipe that is unbreakable. I tried everything but that block just won't break! It's almost like it was put there for a purpose...
  7. sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Hmm...okay. I didn't really see/feel much of a difference. o.o I guess they just travel faster?
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  8. World 1-1 Level 11: Moderator

    Maybe you could try one last thing: Download a browser you never used before, like Opera I guess. Go to the game page. If it display the old version, there's something really weird happening.
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  9. roman6a Level 8: Hammer Bro

    yes they do, you might not notice, but it REALLY does make the shots go faster.
  10. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    No he doesn't! Unless you mean 16-bit. All the characters only have one 16-bit playlist for now because it takes too much memory.
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  11. roman6a Level 8: Hammer Bro


    it's too much awesome for the flash game memory to handle!
  12. aliceandsven Level 10: Bowser

    "There's a bug in world 1-2, at the very end of the underground part, there's a block in front of the pipe that is unbreakable. I tried everything but that block just won't break! It's almost like it was put there for a purpose..."

    What you have to do is stand under the block while playing as Simon, jump ten times then push Special. Kriby will appear out of the box and will be unlocked.
  13. Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Well I have a secret confession to make actually.
    I was hoping for that Haggle Man will have some epic Haggle Man 3 music. I was also hoping for japanese version of Castlevania 3 musics...
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  14. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    Haggle Man's music wasn't in the correct format, so that music is from Ninja Gaiden for Sega Master System. The japanese castlevania 3 music was different?
    What are you talking about? There's way, way more music in this game than the Newgrounds version.
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  15. Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Well for a little history the japanese version is the original. The american NES was unable to play the japanese version music so they highly changed the american version so that it can handle it.

    It sounds like this.
  16. Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    Is there any chance Bass' ability to pick up and throw bricks can be extended to all blocks? Would be a better use of empty ? bricks.
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  17. Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    Can we please have Link's original blue tunic back? Just... Look at this...

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  18. aliceandsven Level 10: Bowser

    it's optic camouflage
  19. silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    Figured I'd list some things I've noticed:

    - Bouncy pits made bowser fly past the top of the screen after getting the axe (it was hilarious... I'd actually leave it in because of how funny it was)
    - SMB3 Fire Luigi's pants turn black when climbing or using the flag pole.
    - Choosing random character doesn't keep it on random once you finish the level, it starts to highlight the character it chose for you
    - Sophia III gets a weapon that doesn't seem to work (comes up with ammo but nothing happens when fired... Has an H on the power-up)
    - Unable to unlock the cheat where you have to collect ammo pickups.
    - SMB3 skin coins seem to have a non-transparent square around them

    Oh, and I heart Proto Man and Dr. Wily <3
  20. leonmuse Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    I'm gonna install Netscape for this sole purpose. Ah, my love for games... sigh

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