Rocket Wars Released

Rocket Wars is a modern take on Missile Command for iOS and Android.

Rocket Wars

Rocket Wars

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Remember Missile Command? Rocket Wars is a modern take on it that I created with my friends at A Very Cool Game Company.

It’s available now for iOS and Android. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Joys of Simplicity

Making a small game was a nice change of pace and was surprisingly fun. It was also exciting making a game specifically for mobile devices instead of a game that is played with a controller. I like that it is free with ads but you can pay to remove the ads, so you have options. Modern technology is pretty cool! 😎

I enjoyed the simplicity of this project, and it makes me want to do more things like this that are simple. I plan to continue doing small collaborations like this while working on my own projects.

Celebrating Small Victories

In case you haven’t been paying attention… this is the first commercial game I’ve ever released. This isn’t how I expected things to go, but that’s alright. You never know where life will take you, and you just gotta keep going.

It was good for me personally to know that I have no problem finishing a game under normal circumstances. So this is a victory for me, and it’s important to celebrate the victories in life, no matter how big or small they are.

For additional information about the game, see the Rocket Wars game page.

6 thoughts on “Rocket Wars Released”

  1. It looks like the missile launcher is destroying the town, not protecting it.

    Maybe put a little effort into the art? Or, yknow, game development?

    1. I believe that is the enemy missile launcher. The art is minimalistic which seems fitting; a simple art style for a simple game concept.

      He did put some effort into game development, that’s why this game exists.

      1. This game is Missile Command with all the skill and challenge removed.
        And “minimalism” is a legitimate form of art that uses few details in order to achieve greater effect. This art is lazy. My friend, an artist, literally laughed at it and said he could make it himself in a matter of minutes.

        1. Chill out dude! I am not going around saying, “I have made the greatest game of all time.” This was just a bit of contract work I did, and I thought it turned out alright. I didn’t do the art or game design. I programmed it.

          By the way, the game gets continuously harder, so it may start out easier than Missile Command, but it doesn’t stay that way.

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