Let's Play The Tale of Elementia with Jay

Jay plays The Tale of Elementia, a hack of Super Mario World, and gives commentary.

  1. Jay
    Since I enjoyed doing gameplay videos so much and a lot of people seemed to like them, I decided to do more games. But I’m not just going to do regular games that other people have already played. I’m gonna be playing independent and obscure games that not too many people know about. This first one is called The Tale of Elementia, and it’s a hack of Super Mario World. It says it’s a demo, but the creator is no longer working on it, so consider this the final version.

    There are 14 parts, and they're all below.

    Part 1

    In this first video there’s a lot of story, but the next videos will be mostly gameplay.

    Part 2

    Now you actually get to see some real gameplay. I say “shut up” a lot in this video for some reason. And it has a very sad ending. Sad times.

    Part 3

    I get so pissed at the boss in this episode. He’s so frustrating!

    Part 4

    I get confused by mirages in the desert, talk shit to ghost ninjas, and throw a shell through a wall.

    Part 5

    I talk to some of my mouse friends and climb a mountain from Zelda that I forget the name of. Good times.

    Part 6

    In this episode, I hump a key, save the fire spirit, and go for a long, boring swim.

    Part 7

    I talk to a ghost parrot, get stoned, and visit a lighthouse.

    Part 8

    I get eaten by a whale, hang out with some ghosts in the library, and get stoned again.

    Part 9

    I play a level from Super Mario Sunshine and carry lit dynamite through a train station.

    Part 10

    I play the Ocarina of Time water temple, go back to Mushroom Woods, and drain an azure lake. And I’m all groggy and weird because I woke up right before recording this.

    Part 11

    I play a level inspired by A Link to the Past and find a secret exit in the Earth Temple.

    Part 12

    I read about the history of Elementia and enter into an abusive relationship with Yoshi.

    Part 13

    I traverse the dusk ruins, revisit the ghost ninjas, and take another ride on the train at Solar Station.

    Part 14

    I run away from an evil waterfall, go back to starbeam hill, and talk to the three spirits.
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