Let's Play Metroid Fusion with Jay

Jay Pavlina plays through Metroid Fusion and gives commentary along the way.

  1. Jay
    It’s time for another Let’s Play series. This time, the game is Metroid Fusion. This series was done as a reward for our recent Super Retro Squad Kickstarter. There are 15 parts, and they are all embedded below.

    Part 1

    Jay goes through the introduction and defeats the first boss, earning the morph ball.

    Part 2

    Jay stabilizes the atmosphere in sector 1 and gets the charge beam.

    Part 3

    Jay wanders around and fights a hairy baseball bat.

    Part 4

    Jay searches for the speed booster in sector 4.

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    Part 9

    Part 10

    Part 11

    Part 12

    Part 13

    Part 14

    Part 15

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