Site gets Hacked, Forums get Upgraded

The website got hacked, so I took the opportunity to upgrade the forums.

So… the website got hacked a few days ago. I guess it was hacked mostly for fun and just because it was vulnerable. I talked to the hackers and found out that they got in through vBulletin. I never liked vBulletin, and it would have taken a long time to restore it back to how it was, so I just ended up starting fresh with some new forum software. The site should be much more secure now so I don’t expect to be hacked again.

The new software we’re using is called Xenforo, and it was made by the original creators of vBulletin. It’s a lot easier for me to maintain and it also runs much faster and smoother than vBulletin. I think everyone will really like it. The software is very new so I had to install a bunch of add-ons to get some of the functionality we had in vBulletin, but more stuff will be added as it gets upgraded.

I think most of the new stuff on the forums is self-explanatory. I’d recommend everyone upload new avatars because Xenforo supports higher resolution than vBulletin did. When you click on someone’s username, you’ll see a bigger avatar. The PM system is also pretty cool. They’re called “conversations” and it’s pretty similar to Facebook. Actually, a lot of stuff is similar to Facebook. I think it can communicate with Facebook also.

Oh yeah, and there’s another big thing I added that people have been requesting for a while. Chat. Yeah, now you can chat on the forums. When you’re logged in, there will be a bar across the bottom of the screen. You can use that to enter chatrooms or talk with people one-on-one. If you want someone to show up as a buddy in chat, you have to follow them in the forums. You can also create your own temporary chatrooms.

I think that’s most of the new stuff. We’re also gonna be moving the wiki to wikia for a number of reasons… mainly because it will be easier for me to maintain. Most people didn’t like the way it was set up on this site. So anyway, enjoy all the new stuff. I hope this will hold you over until the update to Super Mario Bros. Crossover comes out. And I haven’t been working on it lately since I’ve been working on the store and the new forums. It will be awesome when it comes out though.

Oh and I forgot to mention… all of the stuff from the old forums got imported except for the blogs. You can create new blogs, but the old ones are gone. It’s possible an importer might be created in the future, so don’t be surprised if all the old blogs show up at some point.

The Exploding Rabbit Store is Open For Business

The Exploding Rabbit store is launched and full of awesome video game merchandise.

Edit: The store is no longer available.

Greetings! For a long time, people have been requesting to buy shirts related to Super Mario Bros. Crossover and Exploding Rabbit. I’m happy to announce that that is now possible through the Exploding Rabbit Store. Since it’s just opening, we don’t have a ton of products yet, but there is still some pretty awesome stuff there. We have all the stuff you could want with your favorite exploding bunny on it, and we also have a few items related to the world famous “Downward Thrust”.

It’s pretty easy for us to make new products for the store, so feel free to make suggestions in the new Exploding Rabbit Store forum. We’ll probably also be pitching some of our own ideas there to see what you guys think. I’m hoping eventually the store will be pretty big and have stuff related to all kinds of video games. And maybe eventually we’ll be creating our own original games and have our own official artwork in there. It’s all very exciting.

Profits from the store will go towards making Exploding Rabbit more awesome, so you can feel good about the money you spend in there. And we did our best to make sure that the products are high quality, so you can buy with confidence. Anyway, start browsing the store and let us know what you think in the forum.

And I promise the update to Super Mario Bros. Crossover is coming. It’s just a really big update so it’s taking a long time. Have a great day!

Super Mario Bros. Crossover – One Year Anniversary

One year has passed since Super Mario Bros. Crossover was released and Exploding Rabbit was created.

One year ago today, at about 7pm central time, I posted a little game called Super Mario Bros. Crossover on Newgrounds. Just days before that, I launched the Exploding Rabbit website, although I consider today to be the anniversary of Exploding Rabbit as well. As everyone knows, the game was an instant success all around the world. I remember waking up the next day and practically having a heart attack when I saw how full my inbox was. Looking back, I can see how much I’ve grown as a person, and how much Exploding Rabbit has grown as a company/community. Back then, this website was nothing more than 3 or 4 pages. Now it’s huge and has a friendly community. The success of Super Mario Bros. Crossover brought many people with similar passions together, and I’m excited to see how things continue to expand.

Back then, Super Mario Bros. Crossover was only at version 1.0, and it lacked Ryu, SOPHIA III, difficulty levels, cheats, and many other features. Today, it’s at version 1.2, and the version I’m working on is much further along, although not ready to be released yet.

It’s pretty amazing thinking of how far everything has come in one year. It makes me wonder… if we could come this far in one year, just imagine where we will be next year, or in 5 years, or even 10 years. It will be amazing.

I know things have been pretty quiet lately. I’ve mainly been improving some stuff in my personal life and working on SMB Crossover for a few hours each day. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it is looking absolutely awesome. I’m looking forward to the day everyone will be able to see the skins in action, because they’re badass.

Anyway, happy anniversary Super Mario Bros. Crossover and Exploding Rabbit, and thanks everyone for your support. I will continue to operate at maximum downward thrust.

Jay Pavlina Interview – Fist Full of Potions

Jay was interviewed by Fist Full of Potions, and it’s a real fucktasm! (That’s a good thing) Enjoy!

0:00-0:47 Introduction

0:48-1:52 Jay proves once and for all that he is not Christopher Walken.

1:53-2:10 The Super-Secret Pants-Off Dance-Off is planned, unbeknownst to all involved parties.

2:11-3:18 Jay explains how he became so cool.

3:18-3:59 Jay talks about how you could someday be as cool as he is.

4:00-5:02 Jay adds a new word to the English language.

5:03- 8:43 Jay reviews the skin update for 2.0, and discusses the versatility of the skins.

8:44-11:22 How far SMBC has come, how it’s changed Jay’s life, and his original plans for the game.

11:23-12:15 Jay mentions a movie he hopes to make.

12:16-12:59 Will SMBC ever be truly finished?


13:13-13:39 Jay explains how he intends to budget his time between projects.

13:40-15:59 Why ER has not publicly released films yet, and balancing working on games and other projects at the same time. Site chat is also mentioned!

16:00-16:26 Jay discusses his ideal studio environment.

16:27-18:24 The future of Exploding Rabbit, with more details on the studio and Jay’s ambitions.

18:25-21:24 Keeping abreast of the latest advances in technology, bending it to work in Jay’s favor, and possible platform porting.

21:25-22:09 Jay explains why the game is limited to the web currently, and expresses interest in working on an RPG.

22:10-22:42 The glorious future of ER is once more alluded to.

22:43-24:22 Why Jay would rather stick to flash programming than make stages for Little Big Planet 2.

24:23-25:16 Plans for rewriting the level editor, and what it will be like.

25:17-25:31 Your ER quote of the day. The perfect garnish for your signature!

25:31-26:13 Jay waxes fanboy on some badass features of L.A. Noire.

26:14-26:48 How said features influence Jay’s future development.

26:49-27:01 The nature of challenges.

27:02-27:44-Weighing stress and productivity, and enjoying life.

27:45-29:00 Jay talks about the production of Hero Guy, and the lessons it taught him, most notably the philosophy behind Downward Thrust.

29:01-30:15 Jay discusses a collaboration with a mysteeeeerious stranger from the internet, and why he doesn’t generally collaborate.

30:16-31:00 Why Jay hasn’t accepted hiring offers from gaming companies.

31:01-32:12 Jay fantasizes about a congratulatory message from Shigeru Miyamoto and Sunsoft.

32:13-32:39 Jay and Jason unveil a hypothetical conspiracy.

32:40-33:18 Wrapping up, Jay discusses the scope of his plans.

33:19-34:02 Ryuza appreciation station! 😀


35:01-36:00 Closing remarks, Jay thwarts an attempt at comedy. ARE YOU READY FOR MAXIMUM DOWNWARD THRUST?

Make sure to pay a visit to Fist Full Of Potions!

Let’s Play The Tale of Elementia – Part 17

It’s finally here. The long awaited conclusion to the critically acclaimed Tale of Elementia series is at hand. In this episode, Jay has the harrowing experience of confronting the demons of his sordid past. Literally!

It’s finally here. The long awaited conclusion to the critically acclaimed Tale of Elementia series is at hand. In this episode, Jay has the harrowing experience of confronting the demons of his sordid past. Literally!


(Stay tuned at the end for some reflections and appreciation from Jay on the nature of hacks!)

Let’s Play The Tale of Elementia – Part 16

In the penultimate episode, Jay traverses a national landmark and grooves out with the credits. Read all about it!

In this hare-raising penultimate episode, Jay raises hell on the Great Wall of China, focuses his chi, narrowly avoids racism, reveals a lethal secret to a goomba, consults with elemental spirits, watches the credits, is thanked for playing, and laughs in the face of death itself. It’s sort of a busy episode! Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!