Glitch Strikers FAQ

Is this Super Retro Squad?
Yes, this is Super Retro Squad with a different name. This is the project we kickstarted in June 2012, so the Kickstarter was not a failure; it was just delayed… a lot.

It looks awesome… but is it legal?
Everything shown in the trailer is original. There are no ripped sprites, sounds, music, or level designs. Before releasing the game, we’ll differentiate things more with things like new enemies, bosses, power-ups, and levels. We’ll be releasing a separate gameplay trailer before launching on Steam Early Access that will highlight the differences. The purpose of the first trailer was to introduce the characters, worlds, and concept of traveling across games. We’ve already spoken to an attorney about this, and we will make sure we are legally ok before launching.

What is the actual gameplay like?
For simplicity’s sake, think of it as a more creative and expanded version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover with the concept being applied to more retro classics. The gameplay will match the genre of the game, so for the first episode, Hyper Manni Pals, you beat one level and move onto the next, and you can choose from multiple characters.

Why did you decide to make it an episodic game?
Developing a big game like Glitch Strikers takes a long time. Without releasing in episodes, the game would have to be scaled down drastically in order for it to get done. With the episodic format, we can still make a huge game, but since it’s broken into parts, it gets into the hands of players sooner. As we develop each episode, we’ll have access to valuable feedback from the one before it, and can build on its strengths and weaknesses. We can do more of what people love, and less of what they dislike.

Keep in mind that each episode is self-contained, but it’s also part of a bigger story, just like an episode of a Telltale game. This gives us a huge amount of possibilities on where to take the game, and again, it’s all based on the feedback of the players. Additionally, early episodes will continue to get extra content as we add things like new characters to later episodes.

In the Kickstarter, you reached a stretch goal for Eve VII, a tank character. Will she be included?
Yes. We did not show Eve VII in the trailer because it was already over 5 minutes long.

Will Kickstarter backers get Steam keys?
Kickstarter backers will get Steam keys for all episodes and any DLC. It’s the least We can do for people that supported the project.

Will you fulfill the Kickstarter rewards?
We will do our best to fulfill all the rewards for the game with one exception. We’re not sure at this point if we will do a 16-bit version of the graphics, so all rewards involving something 16-bit may not happen. Please let us know if this feature is important to you.

What if I am a backer and I still want a refund?
Once the game starts making a profit, we can begin refunding people again. Contact us after the game is on Early Access and we will work it out.