Rocket Wars

Rocket Wars

Rocket Wars

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Rocket Wars is a modern take on Missile Command that I created with my friends at A Very Cool Game Company. It is available for iOS and Android.


The game plays similarly to Missile Command for Atari. Enemy rockets fly toward your buildings, and you have to shoot them before they hit you. If you get hit 10 times or all of your rocket launchers are destroyed, you lose!


This game was made in Unity. I was the programmer and helped out with game design as well. The project took about 6 weeks overall. It was my first mobile game, so most of the time was spent learning how to integrate with services for achievements, leaderboards, in-app purchases, ads, and analytics.

Overall the development process was fast and smooth, which is different than experiences I’ve had working on other games, so this game will always give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about it. You can read some additional thoughts about that on the Rocket Wars Released post.