Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.1 Released

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.1 is released. It features new skins, an improved upgrade system, and faster music emulation.

It’s been about 10 months since I’ve released an update for Super Mario Bros. Crossover, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Now that I have help, it’s possible to keep this game alive while still working on other projects like Super Retro Squad.

This update ended up being bigger than I thought it would. I was planning on just having  a few new skins, but I was never quite happy with the upgrade system from the last update, so I revamped it a bit. Adobe also finally released Flascc, so I implemented that and it improved music emulation speed by about 4.5 times. The game still doesn’t run as smoothly as I would like, but optimizing it further would require a huge amount of time and this project is no longer my top priority. A few of the character skins have also been customized to play differently than the original, like Quick Man and Pit.

I really like all the new skin sets, but there are also a lot of new character skins. Some of my personal favorites are Quick Man for Bass (fastest walk speed in the game), Old Man for Link, the Super Mario World skins for Mario and Luigi (added extra sprites for them), Shadow for Ryu (awesome music), Pit for Samus (modified to play more like Pit), Whip Skeleton for Simon, and Tetrimono for SOPHIA. I personally never thought I’d be playing Super Mario Bros. as a block from Tetris, but I’m happy to be doing it.

Thanks to Blaine (sbq92) and Zach (Ryuza) for their help with the update. Blaine did a huge amount of work on it and it probably never would have come out if it weren’t for him. Having a team makes me happy. As always, I’m sure some new bugs have appeared, so please report them and I’ll be fixing them over the next few days.

Anyway, Happy Holidays! Now go play the update or see a full list of changes.

Super Mario Crossover Two Year Anniversary

It’s been 2 years since Super Mario Crossover was released, and many awesome things have happened since then. Also, we added another person to our team.

Today seemed like just another day, but then a bunch of people started saying stuff like “congratulations on two years of success” and “I can’t believe it’s been two years” and then I realized today is the two year anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Crossover‘s release. It seems that quite a bit has happened since that simple day two years ago, and there are many more big things to come.

I figure now is a good time to update people on what’s been going on with Exploding Rabbit. I know I usually do videos to update people, but I’ve been working so much and having so much fun that I haven’t taken the time to do it. I feel like I hit a really nice flow with working on the game. This is probably the smoothest workflow I’ve ever gotten into, and I’ve been making very rapid progress.

But “what am I making progress on” you may ask. I mentioned on the forums recently that I’m porting Super Mario Crossover to the Unity Game Engine. There are many reasons for this, but it’s mainly because it’s more powerful, easier to work with, and most important of all, more fun to work on. This will allow many more possibilities for the game, and I’ve already mentioned on the forums I’ll be adding multiplayer. I have not decided if it will be local or online, but I plan on doing online eventually. Progress on the port is going extremely well. I have all of the sprites, animations, colliders, and most of the palettes imported, so I can start writing game logic soon. It is going much faster than I thought… maybe because I work on it for like 12 hours a day.

I also have another exciting announcement. The Exploding Rabbit team has expanded yet again. We have recruited sbq92 from the forums to help us with the game. I have always been impressed with sbq92’s graphics and suggestions for improving the game, and he just seems like a nice guy, so I brought him on board. Sbq92 will mostly be doing graphics for Super Mario Crossover and adding new skins to the game. Zach’s duties are mostly concentrated on other games we’re working on, so I thought it made sense to get someone specifically to work on SMBC graphics. Sbq92 will also mostly be in charge of looking at the skins made by the community and suggesting which ones we should add to the game.

Hopefully the team will continue to expand (I’m praying for a sound/music person to fall out of the sky… if only I was more organized at the beginning when people volunteered to do music), and hopefully I’ll eventually make enough money to pay people. Wouldn’t that be crazy? It may happen soon since we’re finally working on original content.

So things are going very well right now. I feel like after 2 years I finally made some solid plans and am moving smoothly towards them. I’m very thankful for how helpful the community has been during all this time (most of them 😉 ). There are many things I learned about games and many awesome ideas I’ve heard that have helped to improve the quality of SMBC and any future games we make. I’m sure the community will continue to expand in positive ways and will continue to be a cool place to talk about games and other stuff.

That’s all for now. I’m very excited about the future of Exploding Rabbit, SMBC, and our future games. I am very confident that we will not disappoint. Happy anniversary everyone!

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Ported to Atari

Play Super Mario Bros. Crossover as if it was on Atari.

SMBC AtariThe old version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover was too complicated with its fancy graphics and sound, so we ported it to Atari. Since Atari has less memory than Nintendo, we took out some of the characters. I think you’ll like this new version of SMBC much better. I know I do.

Edit: This was an April Fools joke. You can play with the atari skin in the current version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Released

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 is released. Play it now!

The day has finally come. Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 is now playable. We’ve been working on this update for over a year, and there are a lot of changes. The two big things added are skinnable graphics and a new power up system. There are about 800 tracks of music in the game now. We also added Luigi and Bass as playable characters, and because of the skinning system, it seems as if there are many more characters. For a full list of changes, see the version history.

Although I still did all of the programming, I had some help for this version. Zach Robinson did all of the custom graphics in the game and helped design the skinning system. Him and I are a team now and we’ll be working together on many future games. We also have custom music made by Mathew Valente. He’s been making Super Nintendo versions of the Blaster Master music. He’s not completely done, but you can hear a few of them in the game if you play as 16-bit SOPHIA. I’ll add the rest of the songs as he finishes them. He also made nsf versions of the Mega Man 9 and 10 soundtracks which we use in the game.

Sadly, there are a few problems in the game that I can’t do anything about at this current time because of the Flash platform. The music emulation will slow down the game for some people, especially Super Nintendo music. If this is the case for you, you can change the music console in the options menu. Adobe is releasing an update at some unknown time in the future that should address this. As soon as they release it, I’ll update the game.

The other small problem is that there is a delay when the game loads at the beginning because it is very heavily compressed. It may appear that the game is not working, but it will continue on after a few seconds. I apologize for that, but there doesn’t appear to be anything that can be done about it at this current time. This is what we get for cramming so much awesomeness into a flash game.

I’ve been working on this game for almost 3 years now. When I started, I knew nothing about making games or programming. With all of the experience I got from working on this, I now feel I’m ready to make my own game. Exploding Rabbit will now be shifting focus away from Super Mario Bros. Crossover to work on an original game, which we feel will be awesome. We’ll still update this game a few times a year with more skins, and I’ve mentioned before that we’ll add the Lost Levels in the next update. So we’ll still be updating this game, but it won’t have our full attention like it has in the past.

I expect that there will be bugs that were missed by the testers. Please report them in the bugs forum. I’m not going to fix every bug because the game is free and I could spend my whole life doing that, but I’ll be sure to get the important ones.

I am very happy this day has finally come. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it to see it all come together. We hope you’ll enjoy playing Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0. We’re very excited to finally release it, and even more excited to start working on our awesome original game. Exploding Rabbit will entertain you for many years to come!

Interview with Nitro Game Injection

I’m doing an interview with Kyle Crouse and Larry Oji from the Nitro Game Injection podcast.

I’m doing an interview with Kyle Crouse and Larry Oji from the Nitro Game Injection podcast. I’m very excited because I’ve had a huge man crush on Larry since I met him last year at World’s Fair Use Day. The interview will be broadcast live at Arecibo Radio. After the interview I’ll update this post with a link to the archived version. The interview will be at 2:00 Pacific time tomorrow (Sunday).

Edit: The interview was a lot of fun. You can listen to the entire show here. My interview starts 27 minutes in and lasts for about an hour and 40 minutes. Also right before the interview starts you can hear me say “shut up” to Iggy. 🙂

Site gets Hacked, Forums get Upgraded

The website got hacked, so I took the opportunity to upgrade the forums.

So… the website got hacked a few days ago. I guess it was hacked mostly for fun and just because it was vulnerable. I talked to the hackers and found out that they got in through vBulletin. I never liked vBulletin, and it would have taken a long time to restore it back to how it was, so I just ended up starting fresh with some new forum software. The site should be much more secure now so I don’t expect to be hacked again.

The new software we’re using is called Xenforo, and it was made by the original creators of vBulletin. It’s a lot easier for me to maintain and it also runs much faster and smoother than vBulletin. I think everyone will really like it. The software is very new so I had to install a bunch of add-ons to get some of the functionality we had in vBulletin, but more stuff will be added as it gets upgraded.

I think most of the new stuff on the forums is self-explanatory. I’d recommend everyone upload new avatars because Xenforo supports higher resolution than vBulletin did. When you click on someone’s username, you’ll see a bigger avatar. The PM system is also pretty cool. They’re called “conversations” and it’s pretty similar to Facebook. Actually, a lot of stuff is similar to Facebook. I think it can communicate with Facebook also.

Oh yeah, and there’s another big thing I added that people have been requesting for a while. Chat. Yeah, now you can chat on the forums. When you’re logged in, there will be a bar across the bottom of the screen. You can use that to enter chatrooms or talk with people one-on-one. If you want someone to show up as a buddy in chat, you have to follow them in the forums. You can also create your own temporary chatrooms.

I think that’s most of the new stuff. We’re also gonna be moving the wiki to wikia for a number of reasons… mainly because it will be easier for me to maintain. Most people didn’t like the way it was set up on this site. So anyway, enjoy all the new stuff. I hope this will hold you over until the update to Super Mario Bros. Crossover comes out. And I haven’t been working on it lately since I’ve been working on the store and the new forums. It will be awesome when it comes out though.

Oh and I forgot to mention… all of the stuff from the old forums got imported except for the blogs. You can create new blogs, but the old ones are gone. It’s possible an importer might be created in the future, so don’t be surprised if all the old blogs show up at some point.

The Exploding Rabbit Store is Open For Business

The Exploding Rabbit store is launched and full of awesome video game merchandise.

Edit: The store is no longer available.

Greetings! For a long time, people have been requesting to buy shirts related to Super Mario Bros. Crossover and Exploding Rabbit. I’m happy to announce that that is now possible through the Exploding Rabbit Store. Since it’s just opening, we don’t have a ton of products yet, but there is still some pretty awesome stuff there. We have all the stuff you could want with your favorite exploding bunny on it, and we also have a few items related to the world famous “Downward Thrust”.

It’s pretty easy for us to make new products for the store, so feel free to make suggestions in the new Exploding Rabbit Store forum. We’ll probably also be pitching some of our own ideas there to see what you guys think. I’m hoping eventually the store will be pretty big and have stuff related to all kinds of video games. And maybe eventually we’ll be creating our own original games and have our own official artwork in there. It’s all very exciting.

Profits from the store will go towards making Exploding Rabbit more awesome, so you can feel good about the money you spend in there. And we did our best to make sure that the products are high quality, so you can buy with confidence. Anyway, start browsing the store and let us know what you think in the forum.

And I promise the update to Super Mario Bros. Crossover is coming. It’s just a really big update so it’s taking a long time. Have a great day!